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Posted on 23/12/2016

Thanks to advances in technology, we’ll experience social changes throughout our lifetimes – and even in the near future. We’re already seeing how developments in areas such as computing and artificial intelligence have the ability to reshape entire industries – alongside our daily lives – and this is also upending the way we think about food, including where and when we consume it. Technological advances are helping us overcome challenges such as the rise in obesity and levels of food waste, but greater human endeavours are needed to help solve some of these huge global issues.

Fast forward to 2021, a time where technology assists us in overcoming some of these challenges whilst simultaneously increasing our productivity levels. Imagine a future where you leave your house full of internet connected items at home in the morning and set off for a 400-mile round journey, taking a seat in your connected autonomous vehicle or driverless car, which is programmed to your comfort temperature and automatically adjusts to combat the chill outside - no more scrapping the ice off the windscreen or sitting in a cold car!

Your virtual Bot - let's call her Siri - greets you and wishes you a beautiful day. You stretch your legs, open your screen and ask Siri to take you to your destination. Siri calculates the best route knowing that you need to be at your destination at lunchtime and that you will also need a 30 minute break during your journey, basing calculations on your preferences and the traffic alerts across the country. Whilst you complete some work and make phone calls, Siri drives towards your destination, listening to the conversations and identifying the words and emotions. Soon enough, Siri understands - thanks to the watch on your wrist monitoring the nutrients in your bloodstream - you need a caffeine hit along with some glucose as your sugar levels are low having skipped breakfast in the morning. Siri communicates with the virtual Bot at the next Starbucks drive-through, ordering you a medium Americano with 2 sugars and paying through an app in your car.

The same will be repeated for your lunch and dinner, with decisions on what you should eat and when calculated by a 'Bot' monitoring your metabolic rate, ensuring you have the right nutrients to keep your body in perfect balance. Perhaps this is one way to tackle rising obesity?    

As another year closes, I would like to thank everyone who has worked with Aviko and the wider food industry for the progress we have made. I trust you will find the Q4 newsletter informative and as ever, we are happy to receive feedback/suggestions/ideas from our customers - please feel free to get in touch with me directly at or through our customer service centre at

Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2017 to everyone!

Mohammed Essa,
Commercial Director
Aviko UK & Ireland

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