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Best Tasting Hash Browns & Professional Knife Set Competition

Posted on 01/08/2018

We're offering one lucky winner the chance to win a professional four-piece knife set from Japanese knife crafters Naifu. The Damascus steel knives are worth over £230! To enter, simply fill in the form and we'll randomly draw a winner on 3rd September.

Win this fabulous professional four-piece knife set

Aviko are giving you the chance to win a four piece Naifu Tokyo knife set. The set is individually worth over £230, with top chef Tom Aikens endorsing the knives in a recent story in the Telegraph saying, "They allow you to cut with absolute precision." 

The article goes on to say that the beautifully weighted Damascus steel knives are a joy in the hand and as keen as a razor. Check out the YouTube video!

To win these fantastic knives, all you need to do is fill in your details on this page, we'll then be drawing out one lucky winner on 3rd September.

Good luck!


See how good these knives are...

Naifu -knife -youtube -thumb


Terms & Conditions:

Only available to residents of UK & Ireland. The draw will be made on 3rd  September and inform the winner on that day.

We promise to take care of your personal data as outlined in our privacy policy

Win 4 Piece Knife Set

Whilst you're here...

Are Aviko Hash Browns the best? We put them to the test.

We're big fans of our Hash Browns and think they're the best. Aware that you may think we're biased, we've put them to the test.

Using Good Sense Independent Research, Aviko Hash Browns competed against two leading brands in both a consumer taste panel and kitchen test to determine the champion.

Take a look at how the results turned out, are we the best Hash Brown?


So there you have it, the taste panel and kitchen test results favoured the Aviko Hash Brown. We know that when we say our Hash Browns are the best, the test results conclusively back it up:

  • Aviko Hash Browns were ranked number 1 for Appearance, Texture, Taste, Aftertaste and Aroma, when compared against two other leading brands.
  • Aviko Hash Browns were ranked number 1 for Overall enjoyment when compared against two other leading brands.
  • 64% of consumers ranked Aviko Hash Browns as the highest scoring for texture when compared against two other leading brands.
  • Aviko have a maximum holding time of 15 minutes remaining crunchy, whilst competitors started to become oily at 9 and 12 minutes.
  • Aviko had the lowest drop in yield, losing only 5g over 15 minutes, whilst some competitors lost 8g over the first 15 minutes.

Delicious taste with great quality, brilliant hold time, lowerest drop in yield; the next time you buy Hash Browns, think Aviko. 

Talk to your wholesaler about Aviko Hash Browns. 

Win this Naifu Tokyo knife set

Win this precision Naifu Tokyo 4-piece knife set! To enter, simply fill in your details below. Then, on 3rd of September, we'll randomly pick a lucky winner and contact them on that day to let them know the good news.