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Posted on 17/12/2013

When I first started out in the foodservice business, over two decades ago, corporate food was largely cafeteria-style. But today, food is playing a role far beyond just keeping employees fed and sustained.

What was once considered a distraction from the working day has now become a great way of integrating work and life. Producing and supplying food for some of the most innovative companies, I've found that quality food and great food experiences should be part of everyday life which, in turn, can make employees happier and more productive.

I recently visited the Google staff restaurant in London at a busy lunch hour to find that their employees are offered a broad range of quality, healthy foods. They can eat whatever they choose, and in different kinds of settings - perched by a pool table, or seated at a larger-than-life lego brick chair. These food experiences fit the company culture well, and inspire collaboration.

The more successful businesses are those that understand that food should be more than simply refuelling. In fact, it could be said that some of the best ideas and solutions are discussed and agreed whilst enjoying delicious food. Yes, we all live busy lives, but quality and healthy foods consumed in shared surroundings can make a real difference to our success at work.   

As another year closes, I would like to thank everyone and the wider food industry for the progress made in 2013. I trust you will find the Q4 newsletter informative and, as ever, we are always happy to receive feedback/suggestions/ideas so please feel free to get in touch with me directly at or through our customer service centre at

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014 to everyone!

Mohammed Essa,
General Manager
Aviko UKI