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Posted on 19/06/2015

According to The Guardian*, Fitzrovia’s new Caffix cafe is attracting Londoners looking for an affordable lunch by charging just £1 for each item. From avocado and chicken baguettes to pots of curried chickpeas, quinoa salad or pesto pasta with roast beef – all cooked on site – Caffix on Newman Street sells food for a fraction of the price customers would normally spend in the heart of the capital.

What I like about this new concept is that it's simple and scalable; it offers customers a healthy choice without the expensive price tag usually associated with such options. Although the idea of fixed £1 pricing isn't new - 'poundshops' are a regular occurrence on British high streets and we have also seen the more recent emergence of £1 retail bakeries and 'pound per pint' pubs - what sets Caffix apart is that it offers better food value; great prices with a social purpose of feeding the nation with healthy and nutritious food.

This is a great step forward, especially at a time when there is an increasing global obesity epidemic. This epidemic is particularly prevalent in children, with more than 42 million under five year olds overweight. Studies show that those who are overweight or obese during childhood are likely to remain so in adult life, something Jamie Oliver - and over 1.5 million people that have signed his petition - is making a bid to change by urging world leaders to include practical cooking on the school curriculum. If you would like to support this initiative or find out more, please visit

As a 'foodie nation' we need to harness that passion to champion 'responsible' food that is also value for money and doesn't harm the environment. In turn, children that are educated about food will be more knowledgeable about responsible eating during adulthood - surely it's better to invest our time, money and effort into food education now than to pay for it with our health in later life. The cost of burying our heads in the sand could be huge, not only with obesity related diseases such as diabetes and cancer but also the loss of future productivity and breakthrough entrepreneurial concepts like the Caffix cafe.

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Mohammed Essa,
General Manager
Aviko UKI