Better for you, loaded fries

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Better for you, loaded fries

Recipe Method

  1. Mix chickpea & tomato marinade roughly and store in the fridge
  2. Cook Aviko Sweet Potato Fries as per pack instructions
  3. Layer lettuce, sweet potato fries and chickpea mix and service

This vegan friendly loaded sweet potato fries dish is so easy. Pre-mix the chickpea and tomato topping and you have very little to do other than to cook your fries and put it together. The healthy takeaway recipe is only 457 calories and gives you another vegetarian dish to offer this growing market segment. The ingredients are low in cost meaning you can also make a healthy return on a premium offer to customers.

Sweet Potato Fries

Product: sweet potato fries

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with a light coating and packed with the natural flavour of delicious sweet potatoes.