Cajun Chicken Dirty Fries

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Cajun Chicken Dirty Fries

Super spicy dirty fries with a kick, these Cajun Chicken loaded chips are easy to make and can add a ‘posh’ loaded fries option to your delivery menu. Why not delivery your items separately, so you customers can mix them all together at home, this will ensure that the chips don’t go soggy and everything stays looking superb for a real treat at home.


  • Grill or pan fry your chicken and peppers.
  • Chop chilli and spring onion into pieces
  • Package chilled and cooked ingredients into separate containers
  • Cook Aviko SuperCrunch and package last
  • Deliver

Idea: Why not include instructions with your delivery to tell your customers how to put their loaded fries together.  Add a QR code to your website or to prompt them to leave a positive review to entice other customers.