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Foodservice Marketing Trends Report 2022

The Foodservice Marketing Trends Report 2022 is here.

The Foodservice Marketing Trends Report 2022 is here. Take a closer look at the last of our 2022 reports here. Our series also covers foodservice trends in Flavour, Business and Consumer desires.

The report gets deep into the Marketing trends for the foodservice and restaurant sectors. Giving you the analysis and easily actionable insights to make the most of trending Marketing techniques enabling you to get your brand out into the world and customers through your doors.  

Topics included are ;

Free expert advice on Social Media, Google search, Online ordering and Digital innovations from our Aviko Marketing team. With Digitalisation being the fastest growing area for success in foodservice you would have to be mad to miss out on this report.

"5 ways to win on Tik Tok" with our Social Media manager that's amassed Millions of views on Tik Tok and Instagram- Tim Alderson.

"Tips and ideas for marketing your restaurant" from industry Professional and Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Shah Khan

As well as many more!