Merry Chef Speed Oven

Preparing Fries & Snacks in the Speed Oven

Speed ovens are a super fast and healthy way to cook Aviko products.

Speed ovens such as the Merrychef Oven prepare potato products rapidly, with no need for cooking oils or additional fats. They are relatively small, so they won’t take up much space if this is a limitation of your business. As well as that, they don’t need an extraction hood so are ideal for small businesses wanting to serve hot food. Merrychef boasts that their ovens can prepare food 20x faster than a typical convection oven, making it a great option for quick service restaurants. 

Tips for speed oven

A great product that can be use in speed ovens is our gratins, normally cooked in 20-25 minutes in a conventional oven, the use of a speed oven will cook these in a fraction of the time. If you’re interested in finding out tips to make the best use of speed ovens or recipes, subscribe to our Newsletter.