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Wholesale Wedges

Discover Aviko’s vast range of wholesale wedges. Our wholesale potato wedges are great for cost efficiency and streamlining your kitchen, try us out today.

Our wholesale wedges are a great choice to enhance any menu. Whether you need wholesale wedges for a restaurant, pub or catering establishment, our potato wedges wholesale sold are sure to take your menu to the next level. 

Whether you utilise our wholesale wedges for a side, perfect for appetisers or use them to accompany a main, rest assured that here at Aviko, quality is non-negotiable so be prepared for customers to be satisfied right down to the last bite. 

Here at Aviko, our wholesale wedges offer a great taste, spanning across the entirety of our great range of Wholesale wedges, perfect for any of your Dining needs

Whether you want to add a sharp tangy depth to your menu with our Spicy Jacket Wedges, or perhaps you want to make your portion sizes larger, in which case our Mega Wedges are a great option. Our variety of products means that whatever your culinary needs are, we have you sorted

What sets Aviko’s wholesale wedges apart?

Here at Aviko, we understand the importance of the perfect potato product, and this certainly is reflected in our scrumptious wholesale wedges. 

Within the Hospitality Industry quality food is non-negotiable, and we know that. That’s why we ensure each and every one of our wedges is of the highest quality possible. 

We know that a menu change can either be the make or break of certain dishes, therefore, that’s why you can try a variety of our wholesale wedges via sample. Order a sample to find out which wedges suit your dishes best!

We have a variety of potato wedges wholesale sold

Here at Aviko, we have a variety of wholesale potato wedges all of which will enable your business to thrive due to their quality in taste, texture and uniformity. Ensuring that quality is at the forefront of your business, will mean that your customer satisfaction will be greatly improved at your Restaurant.

To ensure you can get a hold of our wholesale wedges as easily as possible, we sell our product wholesale meaning that you can get the quality flavour of Aviko, without stretching your budget too. 

We stock wholesale wedges at various wholesalers including Adams, Caterpak, Chan’s, Fife Creamery and Kent Frozen Foods. 

Therefore, wherever you’re based throughout the majority of the UK and Ireland you will be able to try out our potato wedges wholesale. 

Contact us today, and see how Aviko can take your menu to a whole new level.

You can find our wholesale potato wedges from the majority of the UK and Ireland, as we have a variety of wholesalers based across all of these locations. Ranging from Adams wholesale and JJ Foodservice to many more, you’ll be able to get our wholesale wedges, wherever you’re based. If you want to see which wholesalers we utilise, you can check this out here.

By using Aviko wholesale potato wedges you will benefit your kitchen, and business more widely in so many different ways. One of the main benefits of using Aviko potato wedges wholesale is that your kitchen will be streamlined like never before. Gone are the days of spending hours upon hours of preparation for your dishes. Simply fry up our wedges, and serve – speed up kitchen time and reap the benefits of satisfied customers.

Here at Aviko all of our wedges are sourced from our co-operative farmers in Europe. Therefore, this ensures that here at Aviko, our carbon footprint is as low as possible, and this is because our potatoes have a shorter distance to travel from the grower to the factory. Not only this, but here at Aviko we are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint, made evident through our 2025 vision sustainability report. Who knew wholesale wedges could be both delicious and sustainable?

Here at Aviko, we offer samples so you can try out our products before committing to purchasing. Try out our samples by requesting some here, or alternatively contact us to discuss how we can help your culinary business thrive. 

The majority of Aviko’s wholesale potato wedges are just made up of potatoes and oil, yet we know how vastly important it is to keep your customers safe and satisfied in your premises. Therefore, all of our allergen information can be found either on our ‘allergens’ sections on our product pages online, or alternatively, once you’ve ordered our products, you will be able to find the allergen information on the packaging.