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Wholesale Sweet Potato | Aviko

Here at Aviko, our wholesale sweet potato products are a great addition to your menu. They offer a sweet undercurrent to any dish meaning it can be a great option as a stand-alone side, or alternatively as a component of a meal. 

Our wholesale sweet potato products are great as a stand-alone side. For example, our wholesale sweet potato products paired with garlic mayo are a great combination combining the powerful, pungent flavour of the garlic with the mild, sweet flavour of the sweet potato. 

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In terms of being a component of a dish, wholesale sweet potato products at Aviko are a great component of a dish too. Pairing our wholesale sweet potatoes with a chicken burger is a combination sure to please your customers. The sweet potatoes act as a nice contrast to a tangy chicken burger sauce, as the wholesale sweet potatoes provide a sweet undercurrent, and this taste is sure to permeate every mouthful. 

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Benefits of Aviko’s wholesale sweet potato

When you buy wholesale sweet potato products from Aviko, you aren’t just investing in quality, but you are also investing in a higher profit.

Specifically, because we stock our sweet potatoes through wholesalers, you have the option to bulk sweet potato products. When you bulk sweet potato products you will be able to increase your profit margins per serving. 

Due to this, you’ll be able to treat your customers to Aviko-quality food whilst also benefitting your business simultaneously. Keep Waiting times to a minimum and quality food to a maximum with Aviko Sweet Potato.

Not only this, but our products are available through most UK and Ireland wholesalers, meaning wherever your business is, we’ll be able to reach you. You can check out all of our wholesalers here.

Environmentally friendly wholesale sweet potato products

When you purchase wholesale sweet potato products from us here at Aviko you’re not only buying quality food, but you’re also investing in a greener future. 

To ensure that our wholesale sweet potato products are as sustainable as we can make them, we only utilise cooperative farmers in Europe meaning we can lower our carbon footprint. As all our farmers are based in Europe, we can shorten the distance from the grower to the factory, therefore our emissions are kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, by utilising our wholesale sweet potato frozen fries, you will be investing in quality taste and environmentally friendly products.

Not only this but here at Aviko, we want to make our company as sustainable as possible. Therefore, be assured that when you purchase wholesale sweet potato products, you will be reflecting our company's values of sustainability. 

Specifically, Aviko is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and we have made sure to implement this into our 2025 vision sustainability report. Elevate your kitchen to produce quality sustainable sweet potato fries and leave your customers with an unforgettable causal dining experience.

When you purchase wholesale sweet potato products from Aviko you are helping streamline your kitchen like never before. Instead of having to peel, cut, boil and fry your sweet potatoes, here at Aivko your potato products will just need to be fried and then served. Speeding up your kitchen means that your new streamlined processes will quicken serving times and will also cut down on labour costs. Due to this, you’ll have happier, more productive staff and your customers will be more satisfied. Create a better brand image and grow your customer base today!

Sweet potato products will benefit your menu in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to amp up your sides selection on your menu, or whether you’re looking for an alternative to classic potato fries in your dishes, our wholesale sweet potato products are a great option for you. Sweet potatoes provide a mild twang of sweet undercurrents to any dish. Invest in wholesale sweet potato products today. 

We know that changing your menu can be a stressful process, which is why here at Aviko we pride ourselves on our ability to give you as many options as possible. Not only do we stock a wide range of wholesale sweet potato products, such as Aviko Sweet Potato Fries, but we also offer samples. You can order samples here at Aviko, so you can have the confidence to try before you buy. Try out our wholesale sweet potato products, no commitment involved.

It’s important that you can cater to various customer’s dietary needs when preparing food for your culinary establishment. Therefore, we make sure to label our allergens as clearly as possible. You can find the allergen information under our ‘allergens’ sections online on our wholesale sweet potato products. In addition to this when you purchase our wholesale sweet potato products, the allergens advice will be on the packaging of the products.