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Wholesale Frozen Potatoes

Check out Aviko’s wholesale frozen potatoes. Our potatoes offer excellent texture and quality – Aviko’s frozen potatoes are a great addition to your menu.

Wholesale frozen potatoes are a versatile and dependable option that can elevate your catering services, by streamlining your kitchen and by increasing your restaurants efficiency. Our wholesale frozen potatoes are a great addition to your restaurant or catering business. 

Specifically, our wholesale potatoes boast great authentically natural flavour. As potatoes wholesale suppliers, we make sure that each potato is bursting with quality, therefore expect that once our frozen potato products are cooked, a fluffy centre full of great flavour will be guaranteed. As a potato supplier, we ensure that our products are as high quality as possible. Allow your customers to indulge in our organic produce. 

High quality frozen potato products

Our range of frozen potatoes are perfect for any occasion due to their taste and their quality. Our range of high quality wholesale frozen potatoes are sourced ethically from trusted Aviko Farmers and suppliers who adhere to Aviko potato’s quality standards. Therefore, by choosing our wholesale frozen potatoes, you are ensuring that you receive products that have an authentic taste and texture. Allow your customers to indulge like never before.

Our vast range of wholesale frozen potatoes offers a versatile selection, great for any occasion. For example, our ‘Sauté potatoes’ are great for a side, or alternatively, they are great for a pie topping. Another great choice out of our wholesale frozen potatoes is our ‘Baked Jacket Potatoes XL (Frozen)’. These extra large wholesale frozen potatoes are gluten-free jacket potatoes and are the finest-quality baking potatoes. This means that they’re suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, whilst also boasting a great taste and simple to use cooking method. 

Bulk buy potatoes for any occasion

Our wide range of selection means that whatever your cooking needs are we have you sorted. Widen your culinary imagination with our frozen potatoes, venture from gastro pub creations to simplistic sides or just sheer golden perfection. Whatever you decide to choose when you bulk buy potatoes from Aviko, be confident that as a potato supplier, we will give you the ingredients you need to take your catering services to the next level.

Why choose Aviko wholesale potatoes?

Our wholesale frozen potatoes don’t only offer great taste and great range, but they also offer a sustainable way into potato transportation. As our potatoes are sourced from our Aviko co-operative of farmers in Europe, this means that our potatoes don’t have a far distance to travel from grower to factory. Additionally Aviko is committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint through our 2025 vision sustainability report.

This means that as a potatoes wholesaler, you can bulk buy potatoes from us in confidence. Enable your customers to delve into the enticing flavour of our wholesale frozen potatoes, whilst also enjoying the benefits of low carbon footprint!

Elevate your menu with Aviko wholesale potatoes

Delve into our vast selection of wholesale frozen potatoes to take your catering menus to the next level. Our wholesale potatoes make a tasty addition to any menu due to their quality and natural flavour which is bursting to the skin. 

As potatoes wholesale suppliers, we ensure that our products are the best quality for your catering services. Allow your customers to indulge in our organic potatoes which are both sustainable and tasty. 

Regardless of whether you run a restaurant, catering service, or food retail establishment – here at Aviko, our wholesale frozen potatoes are the secret ingredient that will be sure to set your catering service apart from other competitors.

Upgrade your catering service with our frozen potatoes and experience ease, uniformity, and quality in your kitchen. Take control of your kitchen and reimagine your possibilities with our wholesale frozen potatoes, sure to lift any dish.

All of Aviko’s wholesale frozen potatoes are vegan and vegetarian. Some of our wholesale frozen potatoes are gluten-free too making them a great addition to menus, due to their appeal to a variety of dietary requirements. 

Our wholesale frozen potatoes are a great addition to your menu, so it is understandable to wonder where can I buy Aviko’s wholesale potatoes from. Our Products are available through most UK and Ireland wholesalers. Wherever your business is based our wholesale frozen potatoes will be able to reach you! Check out some of our wholesalers.

Our frozen potatoes will enable your kitchen to run smoother than ever. When you bulk buy Aviko’s potatoes you are not only investing in flavour and quality, but you are investing in a streamlined kitchen. Our frozen potatoes enable you to speed up cooking times and make customers more satisfied than ever.

You can request some of our frozen potatoes via sample. Hence, you don’t need to worry about committing to one specific flavour or style of our wholesale potatoes – widen your horizons with Aviko! Contact us to request a free sample!