Oven Cooking

Preparing Fries & Snacks in the Oven

Oven cooking Aviko products is a great way to prepare them efficiently and healthily.

At Aviko, we offer a wide range of products that are designed to be cooked in the oven. This includes: the SuperCrunch range, Wedges, Gratins, and many more. Preparing Aviko products in the oven means that they’ll be lower in fat as well as simple to prepare. The Oven Croquettes are a great alternative to fries, they’re mashed potato rolled in a light golden crumb, designed for oven preparation. Taking just over 10 minutes to cook, they’re convenient and a true classic that would stand out on any menu. 

Tips for oven cooking

Whilst our potato products are designed for convenient oven preparation, we don’t want to limit you to the standard cooking technique. We’re now handing it over to you to add your creativity to our products to really make them shine. If you’re after some inspiration, we have a wealth of recipes for wedges, fries and more that can be prepared in the oven, sign up to our Newsletter to receive the latest cheffing tips & tricks.