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This year our annual deep dive into the trends which will impact on your business comes in four parts. Take a closer look at our second 2022 report here. Our series also covers foodservice trends in flavour, marketing and consumer desires.

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Consumer Food Trends Report 2022

Posted on 05/01/2022

This year our annual deep dive into the trends which will impact on your business comes in four parts. We’ll be taking a closer look at foodservice trends in flavour, business, marketing and first consumer desires.

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Restaurant Talk Header Issue 11

Restaurant Talk Best of 2021

Posted on 21/12/2021

As 2021 draws to a close we’re unfortunately faced with many of the same uncertainties that were present when the year began. The hospitality industry has been incredibly resilient over the past twelve months though, so we thought we should take the time to celebrate some of our favourite stories from Restaurant Talk during that time.

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Restaurant Talk Header Issue 10

Restaurant Talk 10

Posted on 30/11/2021

Were into double figures. It’s restaurant talk issue 10! The newsletter that brings you the latest developments in the restaurant world. In this issue we will talk through some ways in which restaurant owners are continuing to innovate digitally and how to continue growing this summers reopening successes.

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Gourmet Hot Dog Recipe Ideas

Posted on 16/11/2021

Just like the ever-popular Hamburger, Hot Dogs are always in season. They make a great addition to menus at any time of the year and can easily be made more enticing to your customers with a few fun toppings or extra flavours.

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Restaurant Talk Issue 9

Posted on 26/10/2021

Our October edition of Restaurant Talk is here and we're feeling festive! Halloween is nearly upon us and Christmas won't be long so how are restaurants marking the party season this time around?

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We love checking out chef and hospitality staff network Staff Canteen for recipe ideas and plating inspiration. There are hundreds of amazing dishes to explore which have contributed by their members, all industry professionals. We’ve picked out some of the most popular submissions from their brilliant Instagram page @thestaffcanteen which you can enjoy below.

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Reviews will make or break a restaurant, but also not having enough reviews will make your business invisible. In this article we will look at the best ways of stimulating positive reviews and how to respond to those inevitable negative reviews!

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Loaded Fries For Days

Posted on 23/09/2021

Adding Loaded Fries to your menu is guaranteed to get your customers excited but needn’t add complication to processes or service. They can work perfectly in a school, college or catering setting using ingredients that you already have or by switching out jacket potatoes or rice from popular dishes and replacing with fries.

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Restaurant Talk Issue 8 Header

Restaurant Talk Issue 8

Posted on 21/09/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 8 of Restaurant Talk. Summer is clinging on and it’s great to see outdoor spaces still being used whilst the sun sort of shines. Here’s a few things that caught our eye this month.

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Win a Photoshoot for your menu!

Posted on 17/09/2021

Once again we’ve teamed up with award winning food and drink photographers; Eat & Breathe to offer one lucky winner the chance to get the perfect pictures for their delicious dishes. Make the food you create look as good as it tastes with the help of Eat & Breathe!

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Hospitality has been back open for a few weeks now with all dine in restrictions lifted. We thought we’d check in with Sumit Chadha; CEO of Coal Kitchen; to see how things were going. Coal Kitchen are a chain of restaurants who pride themselves on crafting flavoursome dishes from around the world and well worth a visit!

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Restaurant Talk Og Issue 7

Restaurant Talk Issue 7

Posted on 11/08/2021

Whether it’s discovering fresh fine dining options in Belgravia or humble crisp butties in West Yorkshire pubs we’ve been hard at work this month. Read on for the most exciting, intriguing and downright delicious foodservice industry developments in our latest edition of Restaurant Talk.

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We visited arguably the UK’s biggest and most influential food festival to discover which flavours are trending amongst the top restaurants in London and what consumers are getting excited about eating and drinking in the summer of 2021.

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