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If you’ve got a restaurant business with between 1 – 10 units and are interested in franchising, then we’re hosting the perfect webinar for you.

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Restaurant Talk Issue 4

Posted on 22/04/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 4 of Restaurant Talk. With outdoor hospitality reopen in England, and the rest of the UK due next week, things have certainly been looking a little rosier, here are some of the things that restaurants and pubs have been doing that caught our eye recently.

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We recently ran a survey via our consumer social media profiles to ask the public their thoughts on the reopening of the hospitality sector to provide pubs and restaurants with key information to make your reopening as successful as possible.

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Essential Beer Food Pairings

Posted on 07/04/2021

The public have missed their pub grub and what better way to welcome them back with some great beer food pairings. The popularity of craft beers, pre Covid was booming, so we’ve had a look at different beers to see what flavour profiles they work well with to help you plan menus, and advise your returning customers.

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Build Back Better Webinar Header

Watch the playback of the Build Back Better Webinar where Aviko's Paul Halliwell, ex-chef and Group F&B Manager, talks about how to build back better following a turbulent 12 months for the hospitality industry.

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10 Gen Z Trends Header

This article looks at 10 Gen Z Trends to help your foodservice business take advantage of the needs of the younger generations.

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Restaurant Talk Issue 3

Posted on 05/03/2021

Hello, and welcome to issue 3 of Restaurant Talk. There’s definitely hope on the horizon, and this edition looks at some of the unique ways restaurants are gaining attention and turning profits.

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Are you looking for something different for your delivery menu? Something that holds its heat, travels well, and delights customers? Aviko’s range of potato gratins offer exactly this.

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World Flavour Trends Japanese Cuisine

2021 World Food Trends - Japan

Posted on 17/02/2021

This article is an extract from the 2021 Food Trends Report and is focused on world foods, in particular Japanese cuisine. Take a read to see what exciting world flavour trends will be in demand in 2021.

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Tips To Combat Recession 2021 Header

5 Tips to Combat Recession 2021

Posted on 09/02/2021

The effects of the past 12 months will be felt across the whole economy, and unfortunately that means recession for some or all of 2021. That doesn’t mean we’ll all stop eating out (or ordering delivery) that’s why we’ve focused part of our Food Trends Report on how to combat recession 2021, with 5 tips for consideration.

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Flavour Trends 2021 The Chickpea Title

With the growth in popularity of more plant-focused diets only picking up speed over the previous few years, the movement towards cutting out or at least cutting down on meat is still set to be a big driver for flavour trends over the next twelve months. Vegetables which can substitute for animal products are inspiring chefs and home cooks alike to create dishes without meat or dairy, and the humble but incredibly versatile chickpea remains one of the most effective ingredients to do just that.

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2021 Food Trends Report Aviko

2021 Food Trends Report

Posted on 25/01/2021

After a year of unprecedented upheaval in the hospitality industry, and wider world in general, it’s time to look forward to 2021 and prepare for what the next 12 months may bring.

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Restaurant Talk Issue 2

Posted on 20/01/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 2 of Restaurant Talk. We’ve been looking for inspiration and innovation in foodservice through very trying times. With the latest restrictions, it seemed like issue 2 might have been an impossible task. BUT, the people in our fabulous industry continue to push on and kick adversity in the whatsits, so here we go…

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Introducing SuperCrunch Skinny

Posted on 19/01/2021

Super skinny fries have arrived. These 6mm fries are available in skin-on and skin-off and provide you with the brilliance of SuperCrunch – quality, length spec, and superior heat retention and crunchiness. Perfect for takeaway and delivery.

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Free Restaurant Marketing Support

Posted on 07/01/2021

Stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and sell more food, with our free restaurant marketing service, The Marketing Studio.

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Foodservice Webinar

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Join leading franchise experts and restaurateurs who have franchised their restaurants for a webinar aimed at helping those interested in franchising with guidance on how to successful build your restaurant franchise. 

Raving about SuperCrunch

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"Aviko's SuperCrunch fries retain their quality better than any other fries we've looked at.  Not only that, but we've been extremely happy with the length, quality, flavour and appearance that we see day in and day out; again, easily surpassing every other fry that we've tried."

Founder Thunderbird Fried Chicken