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Growing UK QSR Brands

Posted on 06/05/2022

It is exciting to see restaurant brands such as Mowgli, Flat Iron and Honest Burgers in the Fast Track 100 that ranks Britain’s fastest growing private companies, here we look at 5 fast growing UK businesses in the fast food channel; that are growing on the back of delicious food, strong branding and are opening multiple sites through franchising or sizeable investment.

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Restaurant Management can be a dizzying experience. Luckily there are a significant amount of technologies and apps that can assist in making it a lot simpler and easy to manage.

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Restaurant Talk - Issue 13

Posted on 01/04/2022

Welcome to Restaurant talk, the newsletter that brings you the latest developments in the restaurant world. It’s unlucky Issue number 13 and in this edition we will be discussing price rises in the industry and some tips with how to deal with increasing prices in the hospitality sector in the UK.

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Just as you got the hang of Instagram Stories here comes a whole new platform to master, but right now TikTok is where many people go to find out about the new places to eat in their area, so it represents a big opportunity worth investing some time in. It can be daunting trying something new to promote your business but, as these guys show, all you need is a phone, a steady hand and some fantastic food to show off.

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If you’ve got a restaurant business of more than 3 sites and are interested in building your business through Dark Kitchens, then this free webinar is perfect for you. Enter your email below to receive an invitation.

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Dark kitchens are no longer an emerging business concept, its fair to say they have been disrupting traditional kitchen models for the past few years. However it is due to Covid restrictions that the trend has really taken off. Today we will discuss the basics of Dark Kitchens, Why this new model is so beneficial and how Chained restaurants can uniquely take advantage of them.

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Recruitment and retention have long been challenges in the food service sector. The difficulties resulting from Brexit for a sector that has traditionally recruited from across Europe are exacerbating the challenging conditions. In this article we will look at some practical steps restaurants can take

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If you're searching for some exciting recipe inspiration then look no further! Celeb Chef James Strawbridge has created some fantastic tempting dishes using delicious Cornish Sea Salt flavoured salts and Aviko wedges, fries and diced potatoes. Over to you James...

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Restaurant Talk Header Issue 12

Restaurant Talk 12

Posted on 11/02/2022

Welcome to the first Restaurant Talk of 2022, in this month’s edition we take a look at how technology is impacting the hospitality business. Whether it’s NFTs, Bitcoin or Mark Zuckerburg and the Metaverse, developments in tech regularly dominate the news these days, but how are restaurants capitalising on these trends to get ahead of the competition?

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As restrictions ease across the UK and footfall in city centres begins to return to pre-pandemic levels, hospitality venues have the chance to capitalise on consumers ready to return to eating out. With competition between businesses as intense as ever though, how can pubs and restaurants stand out from the crowd to retain their regulars and win new customers?

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Download Now for Free! All four of our focused trends reports for 2022 combined for you. We've divided our Food Trends Report in to four parts this year; Consumer, Marketing, Business and Flavour.

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The Foodservice Marketing Trends Report 2022 is here. Take a closer look at the last of our 2022 reports here. Our series also covers foodservice trends in Flavour, Business and Consumer desires.

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Flavour Trends Report 2022

Posted on 21/01/2022

Take a closer look at our Third 2022 report here. Get our experts advice on the Flavour Trends of 2022 here for FREE

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This year our annual deep dive into the trends which will impact on your business comes in four parts. Take a closer look at our second 2022 report here. Our series also covers foodservice trends in flavour, marketing and consumer desires.

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Consumer Food Trends Report 2022

Posted on 05/01/2022

This year our annual deep dive into the trends which will impact on your business comes in four parts. We’ll be taking a closer look at foodservice trends in flavour, business, marketing and first consumer desires.

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