Combi Oven

Preparing Fries & Snacks in the Combi Steamer

Combi steamers are a quick and efficient way to prepare Aviko products so that they taste delicious.

Combi steamers are most common in larger catering kitchens and can cook food using dry (convection) heat as well as moist (steam) heat. They are capable of interchanging between the two function during the cooking process. These features make them a great option for our Steam & Fresh range. The Aviko Steam & Fresh range are fully prepared and are 100% pure, fresh, and easy to use. Allowing you to cook in batches for events, and make serving high quantities of food simple. 

Tips for combi steamer

As well as using the steam function to prepare the Aviko Steam & Fresh range, the convection function is a great option to prepare our Gratins. Aviko’s Gratins have high quality ingredients and with a holding time of over an hour, they are an effortless way of adding a French classic to your menu. Both of these products cook quicker in a combi steamer when compared to a standard oven, making it a great solution for your catering kitchen. If you’re interested in knowing how you can improve efficiency in your kitchen subscribe to our Newsletter.