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Wholesale Frozen Foods

Check out Aviko’s wholesale frozen foods. Our foodservice products offer a fantastic dining experience for your customers and are a great addition to your menu.

How do you ensure that your catering service has a unique selling point that your competitors may not have? Alongside this, how do you ensure that your kitchen runs as smoothly as possible whilst also ensuring that your menu works coherently? Here at Aviko, we produce wholesale frozen foods that you can sell to your customers that offer great quality, texture, and taste that is unmatched. With the ability to streamline your kitchen operations.

By looking at our wholesale frozen selection, you are opening your eyes to the great potato products that oftentimes will be one of the main stars of your dish. As a frozen food supplier who offers wholesale frozen foods for over 60 years, we know what makes a good potato product, and why this can be so beneficial for your kitchen.

Sustainability with Aviko

Rest assured we don’t only offer a variety of products such as fries, chips and hash browns to name a few, but we also sell sustainable products. Recently, the food industry has shifted towards a more sustainable future and here at Aviko, we too realise the importance of having quality food which is also beneficial for the environment. 

At Aviko, all of our potatoes are sourced from our co-operatively owned Farmers in Europe. Therefore, this means that all of our wholesale frozen foods are produced from potatoes with a low carbon footprint and close ties to the whole growing process, from field to fork. We have a low carbon footprint because our potatoes have a short transport distance from the grower to the factory. Aviko is also committed to reducing our entire carbon footprint by our 2025 vision and sustainability report commitments such as Reducing our carbon footprint to 100% green energy: zero scope 2 emissions (2025).

Feel confident in your frozen food’s quality when you buy from Aviko, benefit your customers and the environment today!

Wholesale frozen suppliers you can trust

Here at Aviko, our wholesale frozen foods are prepared so you can get the most out of your business. We stock a variety of wholesale frozen foods so you can streamline your cooking processes by providing easy to use, high quality products that enable you to create exceptional culinary experiences for dining in and delivery. Our foodservice products enable you to run your business as smoothly as possible. 

Unsure of which frozen foods will suit your menu best? Fear not. Here at Aviko, you can request many of our wholesale frozen foods via sample. This means that you don’t need to worry about committing to one specific product from our foodservice products - try before you buy and contact us to request a free sample!

Aviko stocks a variety of potato-based and appetiser products that are sure to suit your pre-existing menu or give you some fresh ideas for your culinary ventures moving forward. Whatever your needs are, Aviko has you covered.

Elevate your orders with Aviko

Regardless of what your catering service is, here at Aviko, we know that potato-based products can be the make or break of a variety of dishes. For example, did you know that 81% of customers would order fries more often if they were sure they would arrive crispy? Therefore, we understand that getting your sides right can oftentimes be the secret ingredient to placing yourself apart from other competitors.

Utilise our wholesale frozen foods to elevate your kitchen. With our foodservice products experience ease in your kitchen and customer satisfaction too. Take control of your kitchen and your menu – utilise our wholesale frozen foods, and take your kitchen to the next level.

The majority of Aviko’s wholesale food is either vegetarian or vegan, hence whatever your customer’s dietary preferences are, our wholesale frozen foods can be a great addition to your menu. 

Our wholesale frozen foods are an addition you don’t want to miss. Therefore, to purchase our wholesale frozen foods visit Aviko and check out our UK wide wholesale frozen food suppliers! Specifically, products are sold through different wholesalers such as Failte Foods and Wing Fung Kirkaldy. Wherever your business is based our wholesale frozen foods will be able to reach you! Check out all of our wholesalers, here.

Our wholesale frozen foods will enable your kitchen to run efficiently and smoothly. When you invest in our foodservice products you are not only investing in flavour and quality, but you are investing in a streamlined kitchen. With our frozen wholesale foods, kitchen times will be cut down meaning dishes can get out quicker and stay hotter for up to 30 minutes, boosting customer satisfaction. 

You can request a lot of our wholesale frozen foods via sample. Hence, you don’t need to worry about committing to one specific flavour or style of our wholesale frozen foods – widen your horizons with Aviko! Contact us to request a free sample!

Whilst the majority of Aviko’s wholesale frozen foods only consist of potatoes and oil we understand the importance of ensuring your customer’s health and safety. Therefore, you can find all of our allergy information for our wholesale frozen foods under our ‘allergens’ sections on our website or on the back of our packaging.