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Frozen Hash Browns

Check out Aviko’s vast range of frozen hash browns. As a hash brown supplier, we ensure that our hash browns are both sustainable and great quality.

Frozen hash browns are a fantastic addition to your catering service’s menu. Aviko hash browns are a breakfast classic. Allow your customers to indulge in freshly grated potato, onion and seasoning. Breakfast and brunch are becoming increasingly popular meals for the public to go out for and within these meals, oftentimes hashbrowns take the main stage in these dining experiences. Get the consumer voted best tasting Hash Browns and do Breakfast and Brunch right. 

Due to their popularity, hash browns are becoming a staple in various kitchens. Hence, it is important to be able to keep up with the demand for these products, whilst still ensuring your kitchen can run as smoothly as possible. That is why Aviko hash browns are an excellent choice to ensure that your kitchen can offer your customers the best there is. 

With any of our frozen hash browns, you can expect quality. Therefore, offer what they deserve and enable your customers to indulge in premium products.

Why choose Aviko hash browns?

Our range of hash browns offers a vast variety to your menu. For example, try out our Aviko hash brown bites or our Aviko golden hash browns today and enable your customers to indulge in quality crispy potatoes. 

Unsure of which frozen hash browns will complement your menu best? Fear not, at Aviko, we understand the importance of getting as much out of your budget as possible. Therefore, if you are looking for some wholesale hash browns, you can order a sample now and decide for yourself

Environmentally friendly wholesale hash browns 

As a hash brown supplier, we understand how important it is to supply an excellent hash brown to your customers, and trust us, we know excellent quality potato-based products. Our vast range of frozen hash browns are great for your menu due to their versatility and variety of choice. 

Not only this, but our entire range of frozen hash browns are also great for the environment due to the ethical production of our potatoes. Specifically, our potatoes are grown at our dedicated farms by committed Aviko farmers and transported to our factories. 

Hence, when your customers consume our frozen hash browns, this means that they will be enjoying great taste with a side of low carbon footprint. By enabling your customers to try our Aviko hash brown bites and Aviko golden hash browns, you are treating your diners to indulgent sustainability whilst you get to enjoy Aviko’s budget-friendly costs too. 

Aviko’s frozen hash browns are a smart choice, as you can enjoy reduced labour costs. When you also combine this with Aviko’s consistent pricing this means that as a culinary company, you will benefit vastly from our frozen hash browns.

Diversify your menu today with our frozen hash browns - amp up breakfast, brunch and dinner.

If you’re wondering, where can I buy Aviko’s frozen hash browns, you can find all of our products through wholesalers. We use many different wholesalers all over the UK & Ireland, such as Henderson Foodservice and JJ’s foodservice. Therefore, wherever you are based – our frozen hash browns will be able to reach your business. Experience Aviko hash browns sooner! Check out our wholesalers.

You can request a variety of our Aviko hash browns via sample. Do not worry about committing to one specific flavour or style of frozen hash browns – widen your horizons with Aviko! Contact us to request a free sample!

Rest assured, the majority of Aviko’s frozen hash browns, and products, only consist of potatoes and oil. However, we know how important it is to ensure your customers feel safe whilst consuming food on your premises. Therefore, you can find all our allergy information under our ‘allergens’ sections on all of our product pages.

All our Aviko hash browns are a product of our potatoes which are sourced from Europe. This means that as a supplier, Aviko prides itself on having a short transport distance from the grower to the factory. Due to this, our carbon footprint is the lowest it could be for our raw material sourcing. Enable your customers to consume frozen hash browns that are delectable and sustainable!

Certainly! By investing in our frozen hash browns, you are enabling your kitchen to cut down on time with preparing, and general labour whilst still ensuring that your customers get the best dining experience possible with our frozen hash browns . Enable your kitchen to run as smoothly as possible today!