The Importance Of Coated Fries

Using premium fries will help you keep your customers happy and win new ones

With delivery playing such an important role in foodservice at the moment it is important to not let quality standards slip. There is no need for a disclaimer with coated chips, they are made for delivery and can help your business prosper for all those takeaway orders. With coated chips, there really is more than meets the fry.

Keep them crunchy

Each coated chip maintains that all important crunch that customers expect every time they order for home delivery. In fact, we conducted some research and found that 83% of customers found crunchiness to be the most important factor when ordering chips for delivery. After all, nobody likes a soggy chip. A whopping 81% of customers would order fries more often if they were warm and crunchy on delivery - that's a tremendous upside you can bring to your business with a coated chip - like any from Aviko's SuperCrunch and Premium Crunch range.

The SuperCrunch & Premium Crunch range of chips are coated in a unique gluten-free batter. This thicker batter acts like a barrier for moisture, preventing moisture penetration into the crust. This moisture management helps the chips retain their heat and crunch to enable you to deliver the same fresh taste to when they were first cooked up (as an added bonus, they also help to preserve your fryer oil for longer thanks to the moisture barrier, saving you money).  

Keep them hot

It's not just the crunch, coated chips stay hotter for longer as shown in the heatmap above. This means they can travel further than standard fries without quality being affected. Aviko SuperCrunch chips are consistent in their delivery quality, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchase amongst your customers, fuelling good reviews for your establishment.  


Further recommendations

As well as using coated chips, it is important to do everything you can to keep your chips crunchy. The Aviko Innovation and Development Research Team have recommended some solutions for the best results on crunchiness.

  • Leave the salt in a separate sachet to prevent sogginess
  • Pack sauces in individual pots
  • Packaging solutions: Use a compact cardboard box, uncoated with ventilation holes, or carton box, uncoated with ventilation holes, or use a foam box with ventilation holes.

Want to learn more about coated fries

For more information on our coated range contact us by e-mail at and telephone 0800 633 5611 we would love to help.