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Food Trends 2024

Get your Aviko Food Trends Report 2024 below and discover UK food trends & important factors that will impact your food service business in 2024.

Don't miss out on 2024's biggest food trends!

We will be diving into the latest food trends as well as the biggest factors that will impact your food business in 2024.

  • What Food trends will emerge in 2024?
    We dig into 2024's biggest food and flavour trends. Discover the most popular eating occasions and flavours as well as unique insights into foodservice sectors and customers preferences.
  • Analysis From Foodservice Thought Leaders And Experts
    Know what youre up against in 2024 and plan better. Featuring expert analysis from Peter Backman & actionable insights from culinary masters like Seamus O’ Donnell; Culinary Director of The Alchemist.
  • How To Grow Your Restaurant Business In 2024
    In our Food Trends 2024 report we reveal insights on how some of the UK's most successful foodservice businesses have evolved and their plans for next year. Giving you valuable information on how to grow your Restaurant business.

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