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Aviko is a chip and appetiser manufacturing business and is a supplier to restaurants and casual dining establishments. We provide frozen and chilled chips, fries & appetisers that are equally excellent in quality as they are easy to prepare. Check out our range of products to see how Aviko can help provide your casual dining restaurant with products your chef will like, but more importantly, your customers will love.

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Premium chips for casual dining restaurants

Fries & Chips for Casual Dining

From our wondrous sweet potato fries to our Super Crunch chips that stay hotter for longer, Aviko have a selection of brilliant fries and chips to add to your menu. Our coated fries are ideal for delivery and cutting waste in the kitchen, our Super Longs longer fries are a hit with customers and save you money and we've also got an assortment of rustic skin on varieties for that homestyle feel. Check out our range of premium casual dining fries and chips.

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Appetisers and sides for restaurants

Casually Share, Snack & Side with Aviko Appetisers

Aviko's restaurant product range features a number of tasty, easy to prepare and profitable sides, appetisers and sharing dishes. From jalapeno snacks to mozzarella sticks, through to onion rings and Gouda cheese pockets, Aviko has the perfect food supplies to help your casual dining restaurant profit by selling more with bolt-ons, limited time offers, snacking options and sharing platters. Check out our range of catering starters & appetisers.

Aviko Appetisers & Sides

Healthy Restaurant Menu Ideas

Healthy Menu Alternatives

More and more consumers are watching their diet to eat healthier more often. Aviko can provide you with some great alternatives to your restaurant menu, from chilled sweet potato chunks that are really easy to add to salads, mash or even roast, through to jackets and steamed potatoes, Aviko can provide ingredients for those consumers not wanting to indulge too much.

Healthy Meal Ideas

Brilliant fries for delivery, SuperCrunch


Smoked Salmon & Smashed Peas Loaded Skins

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Piri Piri chicken legs with Sweet Potato Fries

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Hash Brown Nachos

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Casual dining News

  • Development Chef for Burger & Lobster, Kenneth Tyrrell, talks about Burger & Lobster and why they choose to serve Aviko SuperCrunch across all of their sites.

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  • The public have missed their pub grub and what better way to welcome them back with some great beer food pairings. The popularity of craft beers, pre Covid was booming, so we’ve had a look at different beers to see what flavour profiles they work wel..

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  • Super skinny fries have arrived. These 6mm fries are available in skin-on and skin-off and provide you with the brilliance of SuperCrunch – quality, length spec, and superior heat retention and crunchiness. Perfect for takeaway and delivery.

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Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster position themselves as high-end casual dining and use Aviko's SuperCrunch fries to maintain the overall quality of the food they serve customers. Watch the video with Kenneth Tyrrell, Development Chef, discuss the business and SuperCrunch.

  • Our Appetisers
    Aviko Appetisers Introduction Thumb

    Perfect as a side, sharer, or snack, our range of appetisers are high quality, taste great, and profitable. Watch the video for more info.

  • SuperCrunch Thin Skin On
    Supercrunch Thin Cut Skin On Intro Thumb

    SuperCrunch are the best fries on the market. These thin cut skin-on SuperCrunch can help elevate your dishes and get customers coming back for more.

  • Street Food Sides
    Street Food Sides Overview Thumb

    From mac n cheese triangles to habanero nuggets, these street food inspired sides will deliight your customers.

  • Premium Crunch Fries
    Premium Crunch Intro Thumb

    Fries designed for fast food, perfect for delivery and busy takeaways thanks to their ability to stay hot and crunchy for longer.

  • Super Longs
    Super Longs Range Intro Thumb

    Super Longs are premium longer fries giving you more portions per bag which means more profit for you. They taste fantastic too.