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The foodservice industry has been massively affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, this article provides a guide to help wholesalers supply direct to consumers.

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Food Delivery Stats

Ready for delivery

Posted on 24/03/2020

We are all aware of the huge impact Coronavirus is causing the foodservice industry. Delivery is now the number one route for customers

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Delivery of food is the number one way to reach customers in the current climate. For restaurants who want to offer delivery and collection services, but don’t want to use the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats, a way for customers to order online is essential.

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Aviko & Flipdish Partnership

Posted on 24/03/2020

In order to try and provide some assistance to an industry that is showing a great deal of resolve, entrepreneurship, agility and honour, Aviko and Flipdish have joined forces with an exclusive offer to help get fast food & takeaway outlets, restaurants, pubs and cafes online with their ordering systems.

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With enforced closures these are worrying times for all sectors but in particular the hospitality industry. In this article we go through the key considerations to help pubs, restaurants and the wider foodservice industry get through these challenging times.

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Given the current state of the United Kingdom, there is some obvious concern regarding general business activity. For foodservice across all levels this poses challenges. Fortunately, with aid of the digital world, the demand for food delivery/collection remains.

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Burger Topping Ideas

Burgers are enjoyed across the entirety of foodservice, whether leading the way for fast food and fast casual or made gourmet for gastropubs and fine dining. A classic which has been around for 130 years. The popularity of the burger is evident, in 2018, the UK ate the equivalent of 22 burgers every second of every day. Looking forward, burgers are constantly being adapted and changed to suit consumer trends and needs, this article looks at burger topping ideas to keep your burgers relevant and fresh.

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Popular Vegan Pizzas

So, with it being February, comes the end of Veganuary and what a month it was for foodservice. By far the most ground-breaking month of vegan edibles we have seen with the likes of Subway, KFC, McDonalds getting involved. With vegan options now hitting the mainstream food chains it’s clear these options won’t just be permitted to one month of the year.

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Food Influencers Blogger Instagram

Influencers are a relatively new phenomenon with a growing number brands using Internet celebrities to promote their products. In this article, we look at food influencers and how restaurants are using them to raise brand awareness, increase credibility and boost sales.

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Street Food is hot right now, with 9.1% growth last year, street food is growing faster than the overall fast food market and shows no sign of slowing down. In salute to this latest tasty trend, Aviko has introduced four new appetisers inspired by street flavours from around the world.

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Food Delivery Stats

In this article, an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report, we look at the restaurant industry and how off-premise spend is increasing whereas the whole dining out market has stagnated in recent years, we look at the factors that are driving this growth and how people are changing their eating habits. Get the Food Trends Report delivered to your inbox by filling in your details on this page.

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In this article, an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report, we look at how marketing is the same but different, it’s about people, but people interact very differently these days and with that, restaurants have a massive opportunity to raise awareness of their establishment and get punters rolling in.

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Flavour Trends Of 2020

In this article, an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report, we look at five flavour trends that we expect to grow in 2020. Get the Food Trends Report delivered to your inbox by filling in your details on this page.

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Rise Of The Ethicurean Thumb

This article focusing on the rise of the Ethical Consumer, or Ethicurean, is an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report. Get the full report delivered to your inbox by filling in your details.

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Aviko Foodservice has released the ‘Food Trends 2020’ report to support operators in staying ahead of the latest flavours and market trends set to shape menus and consumer experiences this year.

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"Aviko's SuperCrunch fries retain their quality better than any other fries we've looked at.  Not only that, but we've been extremely happy with the length, quality, flavour and appearance that we see day in and day out; again, easily surpassing every other fry that we've tried."

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