SuperCrunch Chunky Fries 18mm 9/16

18 mm

18mm (9/16) coated fries that stay hotter and crunchier for longer due to their secret gluten-free coating.

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SuperCrunch Chunky Chips 18mm

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SuperCrunch 18mm Fries Packshot

SuperCrunch Chunky Fries 18mm 9/16

Chunky fries are an essential addition to any business's menu for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their robust texture and satisfying crunch offer a delightful contrast to softer items, enhancing the overall dining experience. Secondly, SuperCrunch Chunky Fries are perfect for your Restaurant or for Casual Dining as they have a higher potato-to-surface area ratio, allowing for superior absorption of seasonings and sauces, thereby intensifying flavour profiles. Their substantial size also translates to longer-lasting warmth, ensuring customer satisfaction from the first to the final bite.

Why do chained Gastro Pubs choose SuperCrunch?

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