Breakfast Bagel

Chopped Sandwich Breakfast Bagel

Take on the latest TikTok trend for chopped sandwiches with this tasty breakfast bagel packed with bacon, sausage, egg and hash browns.

Chopped Sandwiches have been trending on social media so what better time to give them a twist and to your menu? The idea behind chopping all your ingredients finely is that you can get a little bit of each filling in every bite. This tasty bagel includes breakfast classic ingredients like bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and our delicious golden crispy hash browns.


1 Aviko Hash Brown 

1 Rasher of bacon

1 Pork sausage

1 Boiled egg

1/2 Tomato

Optional additions

10ml ketchup and 1 slice American cheese



  • Cook Aviko Hash Brown as per packet
  • Grill or fry bacon, sausage and tomato
  • Toast Bagel
  • Chop ingredients together and then add to toasted bagel alongside ketchup and cheese if required