Huevos Rancheros with Nacho Cheese Bites

Huevos Rancheros with Jalapeno Nacho Cheese Bites

Serve up a Mexican classic for breakfast or brunch that goes perfectly with a portion of our Nacho Cheese Bites.


3 Aviko Jalapeno Nacho Cheese Bites

2 Free range eggs

3 Corn tortillas

25g Kidney beans

25g Diced tomato

50g White cheese

1/2 Avocado sliced

Handful Coriander leaves

1 Green chilli sliced



Cook Aviko Nacho Cheese Bites as per packet instruction.

Toast tortillas in a dry frying pan until lightly browned.

Fry eggs on high heat to crisp up but keep yolks runny.

Top tortillas with eggs, crumble cheese on top then add tomato, beans, avocado, coriander and chilli.

Add nacho cheese bites to side of plate and serve.