Jalapeno Snacks with chorizo crumb

Jalapeno Snacks with Chorizo Crumb

Combine the creamy and delicious flavour of our crispy jalapeno snacks with subtly sweet butternut squash, earthy thyme mayo and spicy chorizo crumb.


3 Aviko Jalapeno Snacks 

25g Chorizo

10g Mayo

1 Tsp Fresh Thyme

25g Butternut squash puree



  • Cook Aviko Jalapeno Snacks as per packet
  • Mix mayo with thyme and allow to rest to combine
  • Fry chorizo slowly until it becomes crisp then blend into a crumb
  • To make butternut squash puree boil in salted water and then blend until smooth
  • To serve arrange Jalapeno Snacks on squash puree then top with a blob of thyme mayo and chorizo crumb