Mac and Cheese Bite Brunch Burger

Mac and Cheese Brunch Burger

This indulgent burger is perfect for a brunch menu and is guaranteed to get your customers talking.


3 Aviko Mac and Cheese Triangles

125g Beef mince

1 Slice American cheese

Ciabatta roll

1 Free range egg

2 Rashers bacon



Step 1

  • Cook Aviko Mac and Cheese Triangles as per pack.

Step 2

  • Form beef mince into a patty then season with salt and pepper and fry on both sides until cooked through then top with cheese. 

Step 3

  • Grill bacon rashers, fry egg and toast ciabatta roll.

Step 4

  • Assemble burger starting with Mac and Cheese Triangles, patty, bacon and then the egg on top.