Melted Brie and Berry Hash Browns

Melted Brie and Berry Hash Browns

Combine creamy brie with tart berries and slightly sweetened hash browns for a real brunch winner.

This fun dish is adapted from a Gordon Ramsey recipe but switches toast out for hash browns to make it deliciously gluten free! Hash browns sprinkled with cinnamon sugar make the perfect foil for the other bold flavours on show.


3 Aviko Hash Brown Rounds 

50g Fresh seasonal berries (eg strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

15g Sugar

50g Brie

1 tsp Cinnamon

25g Icing sugar



  • Cook Aviko Hash Browns as per packet
  • Add sugar to berries and mix gently then leave until absorbed
  • Mix cinnamon with icing sugar and add half to hash browns and coat 
  • Slice brie and add to top of hash browns then melt under grill
  • Serve hash browns with berries on top then serve topped with the rest of the cinnamon sugar