Mushroom Al Pastor Fries

Mushroom Al Pastor Fries

This Mexican-style shawarma inspired by Lebanese immigrants is perfect for a vegan twist with achiote-spiced mushrooms, barbecued pineapple and freshly blitzed chilli and tomato salsa.


200g Mixed mushrooms (eg Shitake, Oyster, Portobello)

150g SuperCrunch 9.5mm Skin On Fries

3 Pineapple Rings



1 tsp Achiote paste

2 Cloves garlic

1 Red chilli

Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp Smoked paprika

1 tsp Cumin powder

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp salt



1/2 White onion

50g Cherry tomatoes

2 Red Chillies

Squeeze of lime

1/2 tsp Salt


Avocado Sauce

1 Avocado

Squeeze of lime

Pinch of salt


To serve

Crumbly white cheese (or plant-based version for vegan)

1 Red Chilli

Handful of coriander

Lime wedges



  • For marinade blend together all ingredients into a paste
  • Roughly chop mushrooms and coat in marinade then leave for around an hour
  • For salsa blacken onion, tomatoes and chillies in a dry cast iron pan and then blend together with salt and lime
  • Cook mushrooms under a very hot grill or on griddle pan making sure to char in places 
  • Cook SuperCrunch Fries as per packet instruction
  • Cook pineapple on a griddle pan or on a bbq
  • For avocado sauce blend together ingredients
  • To serve layer fries with avocado sauce, salsa, pineapple and mushrooms then top with cheese, sliced chillies, coriander and lime wedges