Nashville Hot Jalapeno Snacks

Nashville Hot Jalapeno Snacks

Move over Buffalo Sauce, Nashville Hot is the new spicy flavour in town. Drench crispy Jalapeno Snacks in piquant buttery heat and serve with pickles and sweet toasted waffles.


3 Aviko Jalapeno Snack

25ml Buffalo sauce

10ml Chilli oil

1 Tsp Cayenne powder

1 Tsp Smoked paprika

25g Crinkle cut pickles

1 Sweet waffle



  • Cook Aviko Jalapeno Snacks as per packet
  • Mix buffalo sauce with chilli oil, cayenne powder and smoked paprika then coat Jalapeno Snacks with mixture
  • Warm waffle in toaster
  • Serve coated Jalapeno Snacks with waffle and pickles.