Pad Thai Loaded Fries

Pad Thai Loaded Fries

These Pad Thai loaded fries are elegant to look at, and superb to eat. Calling them dirty fries seems wrong, because they are thing of beauty. They are perfect for a ‘load yourself’ option to your takeaway menu.


150g Aviko SuperCrunch Skinny Fries

100g King Prawns

15g Thai Green Curry Paste

20g Chopped Peanuts

15g Sriracha Sauce

2 Sliced Spring Onions

Handful Chopped Coriander

1 Lime



Cook Aviko SuperCrunch Fries as per packet instruction

Gently fry king prawns in Thai curry paste

Toss prawns and fries together then arrange on plate or serving board

Top fries with chopped peanuts, coriander, spring onion and sriracha sauce

Serve dish with wedges of lime