Vegan Ceviche with sweet potato wedges

Vegan Ceviche with Sweet Potato Wedges

Take an ancient Peruvian dish and give it modern update with 100% plant-based ingredients. Hearts of palm make the perfect switch for fish and this fresh, healthy and delicious combination is sure to get your customers talking.


410g Can of Hearts of palm 

1 sheet Nori dried seaweed

1/2 Red onion

Handful Coriander leaf

1 Red Chilli

1 Yellow Pepper 

Juice of 1 Lime 

10ml Olive oil

1 Tsp salt


To serve

150g Aviko Sweet Potato Wedges

Lime wedges

Sliced red chilli



Drain can of hearts of palm roughly slice into 1cm thick coins

Use a blender to grind seaweed into fine powder

Add salt, seaweed then lime juice and olive oil to hearts of palm

Finely slice red chilli and red onion, deseed and roughly chop yellow pepper, chop up coriander leaf and add all to hearts of palm then mix and leave to marinade 

Cook Aviko Sweet Potato Wedges as per packet instructions

Serve ceviche mix with Sweet Potato Wedges then garnish with sliced red chilli and lime wedges