Vegan Chilli Cheez Bites Tapas

Vegan Tapas with Plant Based Chilli Cheez Bites

Create a simple vegan tapas sharing platter with these tasty and easy to prepare dishes


75g Aviko Vegan Chilli Cheez Bites

100g Button mushrooms

1 Tsp Parsley

1 Clove Garlic

100g Padron Peppers

25g Vegan feta cheese

50g Mixed olives

25g Sundried tomatoes (sliced)

1 Tsp Mixed herbs

Olive Oil


Cook Aviko Vegan Chilli Cheez Bitesas per packet

Fry mushrooms in a splash of olive oil, crush garlic clove and add towards the end along with a pinch of salt and chopped parsley

Fry padron peppers in a splash of olive oil until blistered on all sides

Chop vegan cheese into small cubes and mix with olives, sundried tomatoes, herbs and a splash of olive oil

Serve in four tapas dishes