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Brunch Menu Ideas

Brunch is the UK's most popular eating occasion, are you taking advantage of this huge new eating opportunity?

Brunch Is The UK's Most Popular Eating Occasion

Find Out How You Can Make It Really Work For Your Restaurant Business. 

The brunch market in the UK is highly competitive & it’s never been harder to stand out from the crowd. 75% of consumers have heard of Bottomless Brunch! Designing your menu carefully is crucial to making your offer appeal to potential customers.

More than half of all consumers want to see; Sweet Treats, All day Breakfast, Burgers, Bagels & Bennies and Bottomless Brunch.

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What is Bottomless Brunch?

Bottomless Brunch is an out of home eating occasion often paired with drinks and usually served during midday. Commonly served in restaurants, casual dining and cafe's. Bottomless brunch can be done in many ways such as; serving one main meal and 'Bottomless' drinks, serving a selection of small plate meals with various drinks.

The Phrase 'Bottomless' is commonly used to refer to a predetermined amount of drinks or bottles, though some restaurants are providing other amounts of drinks served in a time frame.

The popularity of bottomless brunch has rocketed in previous years with most customers spending between £25 - 30.

Drinks Brunch Concepts

  • Diverse drink options are crucial for success, including single-origin beans brewed in a V60 and Bloody Mary cocktails.
  • Customizable drink menus, featuring both enticing cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, contribute to customer satisfaction and increased spending.

All-Day Breakfast Brunch

Expanding beyond light bites, offering options like full English, Huevos Rancheros, and Shakshuka to cater to different preferences.

Burgers, Bagels & Bennies:

Classic American dishes like burgers and bagels are recommended for brunch, with the addition of ingredients like eggs, avocado, or hash browns for compatibility with breakfast.

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