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Wholesale Diced Potatoes

Looking to spice up your menu and offer you deserving customers variety? Look no further than Aviko's diced potatoes. Leave your customers with an unforgettable experience and offer them a different side instead of chips.  Choose a diced potatoes supplier you can trust and let Aviko take away the stress in your culinary establishment 

Here at Aviko we have a great range of wholesale diced potatoes. For example, Aviko Herb Diced Potatoes. This product offers a great taste as this product is coated with herbs and garlic, a taste your customers will never forget. Aviko Herb Diced Potatoes offers great versatility and can be served as a starter, side and can accompany a main dish too. 

The benefits of wholesale diced potatoes

There are many benefits of wholesale diced potatoes. One of them is that they can be cooked very quickly, meaning that waiting times in your restaurant will be lower and your customer satisfaction will be much higher. Happier customers mean better reviews and better reviews will lead to your brand reputation being higher and more customers will come to dine in your establishment. Gain a competitive advantage over your competition and choose Aviko's wholesale diced potatoes today!

Furthermore, the diced potato products have a great aromatic taste boosting the flavour profiles of whichever dishes you decide to add this to. This could include salads, fish or even chicken. Aviko's diced potatoes will not let you down so choose Aviko today and see an increase in customer satisfaction and online reviews.

Here at Aviko, we believe in the success of your business. That is why we offer free samples so that you get your menu right the first time. What are you waiting for? Request your free sample today and see an increase in your kitchen’s productivity and your customers’ satisfaction!

Are you looking for a product that will stream line your kitchen, increase customer happiness and lower your labour costs? Aviko's wholesale diced potatoes are the product for you. With incredible taste and texture, it will leave your customers wanting more and coming back to your establishment. Don't miss out - Request your sample today.

The benefits of buying from a wholesaler

There are many benefits when buying from a wholesaler. Even though you may have to pay more upfront at first, it is very cost efficient to do so leading to more money being saved in the long term. Bulk buying can reduce the cost of labour, and can speed up serving times meaning you’ll be able to save on a variety of extra expenses when using wholesale products. You will be able to reach a wholesaler which stocks wholesale diced potatoes as Aviko products are stocked all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Furthermore, wholesale food will benefit your dishes tremendously as the profit per dish will increase if you bulk buy your products, especially Aviko's wholesale diced potatoes, So what are you waiting for? Look for your nearest wholesaler which stocks Aviko's wholesale diced potatoes and gain an edge over your competition now. 

There are many reasons to order wholesale diced potatoes from Aviko. The excellent flavour and texture, the versatility it can offer to your menu and having a premium product on your menu will see an increase in customer happiness, lower labour costs and a more efficient kitchen are just a few reasons why you should order wholesale diced potatoes from Aviko. 

Aviko’s wholesale diced potatoes can be found in wholesalers across the UK and Ireland. Be sure to check out our website choose the right wholesaler for your wholesale diced potatoes. Some of the wholesalers who stock our delicious wholesale diced potatoes include Adams, Caterpak and JP Foods to name a few. What are you waiting for? Spice up your menu now and indulge in Avikos wholesale appetizers. 

Of course! Here at Aviko we believe in getting your menu right the first time. That is why we offer a free sample request so you can get the most out of Aviko's wholesale diced potatoes.

Here at Aviko all of our diced potatoes are sourced from our co-operative farmers in Europe. Therefore, this ensures that here at Aviko, our carbon footprint is as low as possible, and this is because our potatoes have a shorter distance to travel from the grower to the factory. Not only this, but here at Aviko we are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint, made evident through our 2025 vision sustainability report. Who knew diced potatoes could be both delicious and sustainable?