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Wholesale Gluten Free Foods

Having wholesale gluten free foods on your menu is a must for the success of your culinary establishment. Having wholesale gluten free products on your menu allows a wider target audience to feed and enjoy the fantastic gluten free dishes your establishment has to offer! More options on your menu, more happier customers! A win-win for any organisation. 

Aviko's gluten free foods are a must-have for any establishment. Let's take for example, Aviko's Hashbrowns. A breakfast classic, made with freshly grated potato, onion and seasoning for an excellent flavour. Larger than average, Aviko hash browns give great plate fill. The out-of-home breakfast occasion continues to grow, easily take advantage of this market with Aviko Hash Browns on your menu! Don't miss out on Aviko's wholesale gluten free products and request your free sample today! 

Another must-have gluten free foods for your menu is Aviko's Habanero Nuggets. A wonderful mix of cheese, peppers and fiery habanero chillis, Aviko Habanero Cheese Nuggets have a naturally coloured, bright red tempura batter that makes for a distinctive addition to your menu. They work as a side, an upgrade, as part of a sharing platter or a snack. They are also useful to use as a Limited Time Offer to attract new customers to your restaurant. They are quick and easy to prepare and very profitable.

As a gluten free wholesaler, we have plenty of gluten free products to choose from. Take your menu to the next level and choose Aviko as your gluten free supplier. Don't let your competition gain an advantage over your business - Choose Aviko today. 

The benefits of wholesale gluten free foods

There are many benefits of buying wholesale gluten free products for your culinary establishment. One of them is bulk buying which will allow your company to make more profit per dish rather than retail buying. Although it will cost more initially, the cost will spread as the gluten free products will last longer leading your company to use the extra finance on other areas of your establishment. 

Having wholesale gluten free products means that you’ll be able to tend to even more customers – making as many people as satisfied as possible with your menu. More customers equals more profit! If you have a more varied menu, which caters to more customers' dietary requirements it will increase customer happiness and more positive online reviews! Don't miss out, choose Aviko as your wholesale gluten free supplier today. 

Still unsure? You can request your free sample of Aviko's wholesale gluten free foods today! We care about your business getting its menu right the first time. Let Aviko take the stress away from your kitchen and request your free sample of wholesale gluten free foods today! You won't be disappointed. 


The benefits of a gluten free wholesaler

If you’re wondering where can I buy Aviko gluten free products from, then the easiest way to purchase our wholesale chips is through our various wholesalers online. We have a variety of different wholesalers such as Pioneer Foodservice and Magna Foodservice, therefore finding the right company for you will be a breeze! Get in contact with our team or request a sample to find your nearest supplier.

You can find our wholesale gluten free products from the majority of the UK and Ireland, as we have a variety of wholesalers based across all of these locations. Ranging from Adams wholesale and JJ Foodservice to many more, you’ll be able to get our wholesale gluten free products wherever you’re based.

When you buy wholesale gluten free products from Aviko, you aren’t just investing in quality, but you are also investing in a higher profit. Specifically, because we stock our gluten free products through wholesalers, you have the option to bulk gluten free products. When you bulk gluten free products you will be able to increase your profit margins per serving.  Due to this, you’ll be able to treat your customers to Aviko-quality food whilst also benefitting your business simultaneously. Keep Waiting times to a minimum and quality food to a maximum with Aviko gluten free products

When you purchase wholesale gluten free products from us here at Aviko you’re not only buying quality food, but you’re also investing in a greener future. 

To ensure that our wholesale gluten free products  are as sustainable as we can make them, we only utilise cooperative farmers in Europe meaning we can lower our carbon footprint. As all our farmers are based in Europe, we can shorten the distance from the grower to the factory, therefore our emissions are kept to a minimum.

If you’re wondering, where can I buy Aviko’s gluten free products, you can find all of our products through wholesalers. We use many different wholesalers all over the UK & Ireland, such as Henderson Foodservice and JJ’s foodservice. Therefore, wherever you are based – our gluten free products will be able to reach your business. Experience Aviko's gluten free products sooner! Check out our wholesalers.

Sure! You can try Aviko's wholesale gluten free foods before buying them with our request a sample! Make sure that your wholesale gluten free foods are perfect for your menu before buying with Aviko!