Crunch Time

Euro Loaded Fries

Excite your customers and get involved with the football this summer by serving loaded fries from your favourite competing countries.

It's Crunch Time this summer as Europe comes together on the football pitch but who will prevail in the kitchen? 

Offering playful themed dishes to your menu is great way to get involved with sporting events and spark interest on social media. We picked eight classic national dishes and incorporated them with SuperCrunch Chips to discover which country could claim to have the ultimate loaded fries.

We'll be running polls throughout the tournament to find the Ultimate Loaded Champion so keep an eye on our socials and help us crown the best fries in Europe!


  • Fries with Andalouse Sauce

    No country knows their frites like Belgium, and the classic recipe keeps things simple - but totally delicious. Creamy, sweet and slightly spicy Andalouse sauce is the topping of choice and truly is tough to beat. 

    Belgium Fries with Andalouse sauce


  • Fish Loaded Chips

    Fish and Chips is surely England's most treasured national dish. Delicious crispy cod with mushy peas and curry sauce make the perfect combination, can they make the nation proud and bring it home?

    Fish and Chips Loaded Fries


  • Beef Bourguignon

    France has an enviable culinary tradition and some of the finest restaurants in the world, but can they load fries like the best? Slow cooked beef with red wine, carrots and onions on French Fries could be enough to beat the lot. 

    Beef Bourguignons Loaded fries


  • Currywurst Pommes

    The iconic grilled sausage topped with sweet, sticky and spicy curry ketchup is Germany's entry. Can Currywurst claim the title? 

    Currywurst Loaded Fries


  • Carbonara Fries

    The Italians have brought us pizza, pasta and gelato but can they see of the competition when it comes to fries? Carbonara fries are cheesy bacon chips that offer a little bit extra. 

    Carbonara Loaded Fries


  • Haggis Loaded Fries

    The underdogs who might just surprise a few people, Scotland take on the rest of Europe with haggis and whisky cream sauce loaded fries. 

    Haggis and Whisky sauce Chips


  • Patatas Bravas

    Crisp fried potato topped with smoky, spicy bravas sauce and creamy garlicky aioli. A classic tapas dish that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. 


    Patatas Bravas Chips


  • Chicken Kebab Loaded Fries

    Skewers of charred meat and fresh crisp salad, chilli and garlic sauces on a hot bed of fries. The humble kebab might just be the world's favourite food, but can it see off the competition?

    Chicken Shish Fries

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