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Food trends 2024

Download the Aviko Food Trends Report 2024 to discover UK food trends & important factors that will impact your food service business in 2024.

Food Trends 2024

We will be diving into the latest food trends as well as the biggest factors that will impact your food business in 2024.

  • What Food trends will emerge in 2024?
    We dig into 2024's biggest food and flavour trends. Discover the most popular eating occasions and flavours as well as unique insights into foodservice sectors and customers preferences.
  • Analysis From Foodservice Thought Leaders And Experts
    Know what you're up against in 2024 and plan better. Featuring expert analysis from Peter Backman & actionable insights from culinary masters like Seamus O’ Donnell; Culinary Director of The Alchemist.
  • How To Grow Your Restaurant Business In 2024
    in our Food Trends 2024 report we reveal insights on how some of the UK's most successful foodservice businesses have evolved and their plans for next year. Giving you valuable information on how to grow your Restaurant business.
  • Simple techniques that can help bring your customers a valuable experience
    Products that only require your final touch for a unique dish, Limited Time Offers, affordable solutions.
  • Evolving Consumer Expectations
    Healthier lifestyles, Mood Food plus a desire for Novel and multi sensory experiences. learn how your customers are changing in 2024 and exactly how to get them as loyal customers. 

What food trends will emerge in 2024?

  1. Nostalgia on a plate is evolving by combining classic dishes with fusion twists! Stay a head of the curve and find out more here
  2. Little Luxuries, find out how consumers are treating themselves in 2024. 
  3. Bakeries are back and better than ever, excite your guests and leave them with an unforgettable experience. 
  4. Spice up with your menu with hot fusion ingredients,  We’ve seen the sweet & spicy or ‘Swicy’ trend with hot honey everywhere in 2023 so expect the next twelve months to bring more unexpected & bold profile combinations.

Our Food Trends Report will give you the info you need to take advantage of these trends and make 2024 your year.

What are the Restaurant Trends in 2024?

  • Restaurant trends 2024 are in our downloadable report - Find out here. 
  • An affordable experience - Although the foodservice sector is expected to grow over the next 5 years, consumers do retain some price sensitivity because of the uncertain economic picture. Global data found that 21% of consumers in the UK will switch to cheaper food brands and 20% will stay with brands but buy less. For restaurants, the big challenge will be looking at their menu and asking themselves how they can create an affordable experience.
  • Old favourites are thriving - Leisure activities such as bowling, karaoke and darts at venues across the UK will see a massive increase in consumers coming through their doors. Brands such as Roxy and All Star Lanes are expected to see massive growth through 2024 which coincides with consumers enjoying more nostalgic food when dining.
  • Health & Sustainability - The health of the planet is also still front of mind for the modern consumer & it seems likely that brands will shout ever louder about their own green credentials as we approach the deadline for net zero - expect to see carbon footprints alongside nutritional information on a menu near you soon. This of course highlights the need for more zero waste dishes & locally sourced food & drink options

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