SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic Fish & Chips

New Product: SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic

Skin on fries with mixed cut sizes and beautifully natural potato flavour.

Naturally delicious, always crunchy

Our new premium quality fries combine the natural homemade look of skin on fries with mixed cut sizes and our SuperCrunch coating. Perfect to serve fresh from the fryer or packaged for home delivery, your customers will love their rustic appearance and natural potato flavour.

Ideal for loading 

With their robust shape and size, SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic Chips work great for loading with tasty toppings. Check out some of our favourite recipes or come up with your own creations. Our crispy SuperCrunch coating helps save your dish from getting soggy, so don't be scared to get creative!

Perfect for pubs 

The traditional look of SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic Chips makes them the perfect pairing for plenty of classic pub dishes. Whether it's fish and chips, pie and chips or even a quarterpounder, your customers will love this perfectly fried side even as much as their main course.  

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