Save Hours of Time with Menu and Recipe Software

Save Hours of Time with Menu & Food Software

Struggling to find a menu and food management software to store all your calories, ingredients and allergen information in one place? This blog will you guide you through the best software's to help your restaurant and kitchen run more efficiently and safely.

Customers will come back and continuously support your business if you offer good quality, safe, and consistent products. These three factors all play significant roles in customer satisfaction and retention. That is why in an ever-growing market, it is important to have technological systems in place to streamline your kitchen and make your business more efficient. This blog will guide you through the best softwares which will allow your business to thrive. 

Save Hours of Time with Menu and Recipe Software

What is menu and food management software?

Recently, the uses of a recipe management system have become wider. Recipe management software systems give restaurant businesses automatic solutions that help keep profitability while managing all product-related information. To date, the software can do more than just store correct recipes. The software ensures the consistency and safety of the products you serve to your customers

Powerful recipe management software also allows integration with other programs, such as inventory management software and a point-of-sale system. Such integrations can help improve the efficiency of raw material procurement, costing, and accounting of revenues.


Nutritics' cutting-edge recipe and menu management system enables you to efficiently handle recipes, costs, waste, nutrition, allergen information, menu publication, and environmental impact measurement, all in one affordable, integrated platform. Whilst reducing costs, Nutrics’ menu management solution can generate cost reports, cost per serving for desired dishes and can calculate serving sizes to effectively reduce waste costs. Furthermore, Nutrics’ database has over 1 million ingredients to help you effectively manage your recipes and allergens. 

Nutrics' management system is trusted by many big companies within the food and beverage industry, such as: 

  • Stonegate Group
  • TGI Fridays
  • Unilever 

And that's just to name a few... 


Apicbase is a software platform that centralises food and beverage data and helps to improve profitability and efficiency. It offers features such as menu engineering, inventory management, and procurement. Apicbase can also refer to a system where each central processing unit has a local APIC that handles interrupt configuration. The platform connects all your units, brands, menus and the supply chain, giving you full visibility of how things are going. Apicbase's traceability software tracks food at every stage of production and distribution, allowing you to comply with regulations, avoid high recall costs and free your staff of paperwork. Ideal for production kitchens, CPUs and meal production working at scale.

Apicbase management system is trusted by many big players within the food industry, such as: 

  • Sodexo
  • Penata Hotels 
  • Centre Parcs 

And many more... 


A kitchen management tool designed by chefs for chefs! The easy-to-use recipe management system not only supports your food compliance it also creates time and saves money at the touch of a button. Kafoodle offers  an end-to-end system, from supplier to service, that enables complete business transparency, whether of cost, nutrition, allergens or purchase to pay. The main points of system within Kafoodle is they offer solutions to recipe and menu management, ordering and stock levels, digital menus and meal planning all within one system. This is an effective system to use as it will save your staff time in the kitchen and in the office, meaning you can focus on other areas of your business, such as your customers! 

Kafoodle is trusted by some of the best companies within the industry, for example: 

  • Greene King 
  • Libby's 
  • The Vurger Co.

How will I save hours of time with a food and menu software? 

Having a food and menu software for your business will save you hours of work due to all of your kitchens and customers needs being in one place. Having a system which keeps track and on top of topics such as menu design, recipe management, inventory management, calories, stock and inventory levels and profits per dish will make your job as chef or executive chef a whole lot easier. That is why some of the biggest companies in the food industry use such softwares which are listed in this blog! 

What are the benefits of food and menu software for my business? 

There are many benefits of using a food and menu software for your culinary establishment, for example: 

  • Save time with aspects such as stock levels and menu design.
  • Inventory management becomes a lot easier as you can see how much or how little you have of a certain product and know when to order more which will reduce your wastage and will make your restaurant more sustainable! A win-win for your establishment and customers! 
  • The automated service of the costing of products will make it easier to see what dishes are most profitable and will make the decision process of which prices to charge your customers a whole lot easier. 
  • Counting calories for your dishes becomes easier as the systems in place will complete all the maths for you, which will allow labour costs to be cut and you can focus more on other elements of your culinary establishment. 
  • Tracking your carbon emissions becomes more visible too with such softwares, allowing your business to shout about the great work they are doing to becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly, something which is of high importance to all your customers!