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Which Food Delivery Platform is Best Suited for Your Business

Should you focus on Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats?

Given the current state of the United Kingdom, there is some obvious concern regarding general business activity and for foodservice across all levels this poses challenges. Fortunately, with aid of the digital world, the demand for food delivery/collection remains.

We have analysed the three main players in Food Delivery industry; Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Breaking each business down into, service fees, additional benefits and how to sign up to each platform.

To help minimise human contact, and ultimately preserve the safety of employees and customers, all three platforms offer a no-contact delivery where the food is dropped off outside the residency.

Delivery Service Summary:

 DeliverooUber EatsJust Eat
Service Fee20-30%*30% or 13%**14% + VAT***
Customer Fee£2.50£3.50£0.50 + £1.50 delivery
Start Up Fee--£295
How long to set up?7 days7 days5 days

*Restaurants charged more if they have more than one delivery partner

**13% service fee does not include delivery

***14% service fee does not include delivery

****Prices are subject to change 


The company, founded in 2013, has over 80,000 restaurant partners and 9.6million app downloads. They have a strong network of drivers who on average, impressively deliver each order within 30 minutes.  

Service fee

  • Commission ranges between 20-30% per order
  • Your customer is charged £2.50 per order
  • Restaurants are charged more if they have more than one delivery partner

Additional benefits

As well as gaining exposure within your local area, your restaurant can utilise many exclusive offers to help improve on your efficiency. These offers range from broadband and Wi-Fi to food hygiene and staff recruitment and a lot more in-between.

For example, BT offer Deliveroo partners an enhanced deal of £27.50 per month instead of their standard pricing of £52.00 per month. 

Setting up the service

Deliveroo claim to be able to set you up within 7 days.

  • Sign up - give basic information about your business i.e. stating how many orders do you take a week. You will need to provide proof of identity and proof of ownership of your business.
  • Upload a menu, schedule a photoshoot for website pictures and receive a tablet for order tracking
  • Track orders via Restaurant Hub - an online takeaway food ordering website.

To sign up with Deliveroo, click this link -

Uber Eats

The ordering/delivery platform was set up in 2014. It works by your customer ordering online via its app, once your restaurant accepts and prepares the order delivery partners pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.

Service fee

  • Commission capped at 30% for each order, 13% if you can provide your own courier
  • Your customer is charged £3.50

Additional benefits

Being one of largest platforms, you immediately gain exposure to new customers searching for your food. There is opportunity to trade 24/7 (as long as drivers are working), the tech is always available helping to optimise revenue all night long. Uber Eats are home to the largest network of partner-drivers, this means that deliveries are quick and frequent.  

Setting up the service

UberEats claim to be able to set you up within in some instances within a few days, but realistically it's likely to take a minimum of 7 days.

  • Fill out an Interest Form - Business name, number of locations, weekly orders, cuisine etc. You will need to provide proof of identity and proof of ownership of your business.
  • If you fit with the app Uber Eats will reach out to you
  • Once accepted, you'll receive your tablet and you're set!

If you'd like to partner with Uber Eats, follow this link -

Just Eat

Previously used as a discovery app for restaurants who already had drivers, they now have their own network of couriers making it an online food order and delivery service. A pioneer in the UK market, Just Eat have over 30,000 restaurant partners, serving more than 100 cuisines.  

Unlike the previous two, Just Eat operate in towns and suburbs as well as cities.

Service fee

  • 14% (+VAT) commission
  • Initial £295 cost (Provision, instillation and connection fee)
  • 50p admin charge per order paid for online
  • Your customers pay £1.50 delivery fee

Additional benefits

Just Eat offer promotions that will keep your restaurant operating efficiently. They've partnered with "Bionic" comparison website to help your business save costs on energy, insurance and phone/broadband. Also, they have alliances with wholesaler groups Booker and Makro whereby you're offered exclusive deals on top brands. Should you decide you want to have your own courier service, Just Eat offer deals on scooters, electric bikes and insurance. Lastly, you'll have the opportunity to save time and cost with efficient methods of card payment processing.

Setting up the service

Just Eat claim to be able to set you up within 5 days.

  • Sign up online where you will provide proof of ID and ownership of the business.
  • Provide your menu.
  • Receive a Just Eat welcome pack
  • Begin to take orders

If you're interested in partnering with Just Eat follow this link -

Which delivery/online ordering company is best for you?

  • Your location is key in which platform you decide to sell on. If you are situated outside of the city centre, it would make sense to sell on Just Eat as opposed to the other two. Uber Eats and Deliveroo are more city-based.
  • Only sell at a profit. Consider the costs associated with each platform and work out the profit per sale to see if which would make most financial sense. Could you use under used staff in the short term to manage deliveries to keep costs down and maintain your workforce?
  • Signing up to all three is an option and will guarantee reaching a bigger audience. However, there are considerations to factor in, such as organising your kitchen with multiple sources of ordering plus the additional costs of each service.