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Fresh Cut Chips Wholesale

Try out Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale. Our chilled chips can help your business speed up serving times and also boost customer satisfaction.

Here at Aviko we offer a great variety of fresh cut chips wholesale and chilled chips. We stock the majority of our wholesale fresh cut chips throughout the UK & Ireland.

The benefits of Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale

There are many benefits to Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale. Higher customer satisfaction, longer holding times and higher serving times are just a few of the benefits your business will experience when choosing Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale. 

When choosing Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale, you’re allowing your business to experience greater profit margins due to higher resell values. Don’t miss out and let your competitors gain an advantage on your casual dining enterprise. More profit equals more money for your business to invest in your customers and your employees. 

A solution we can offer is by bulk buying wholesale chips. By using this strategy, it allows your fresh cut chips wholesale to remain in date, it relives stress from your kitchen by keeping on top of your food production and allows a smoother, more streamlined kitchen so you can focus on producing quality dishes and leaving your customers with an experience they will never forget.

Furthermore, our fresh cut whole chips are produced in an ethical manner. From farm to fork, we take sustainability as a main priority by lowering carbon emissions due to the shorter time from farm to factory. Choosing a sustainable wholesale fresh cut chips will please your customers and you will be choosing to take care of the environment too. Wholesale fresh cut chips that are delicious and sustainable, what more could you want? 

Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale

Aviko’s chilled chips are a fantastic addition to any menu. The perfect combination for your beef burgers. Our fresh cut chips wholesale will enable your beef burgers to find the perfect companion and your consumers will be coming back for more. Switch to Super Longs today to save money, delight customers with longer fries and enjoy the consistent and brilliant quality that Aviko are renowned for. 

Throw some quality and colour into your menu by choosing Aviko Sweet Potato Fries. The perfect partner for your chicken burgers. The sweet taste and crunchy texture will blow your customers minds. Use as a side or even a limited time offer and see your customers grow alongside your profit margins, a win-win. 

Sustainable fresh cut chips wholesale

Our pledge to remain sustainable reaches across all our products, especially our fresh cut chips wholesale. Allowing your customers to have sustainable chilled chips is not only better for the environment, but better for your deserving customers. From Farm to Fork, here at Aviko we try our best to be the most sustainable player within the industry. Having sustainable fresh cut chips wholesale will allow your customers to enjoy their experience even more. 

Our sustainable plan to be carbon neutral by 2025 is something we will achieve to make the world a better place. By doing so, you know that your chilled chips have came from a company who cares not only for your business, but the environment too. Sustainable, quality fresh cut chips wholesale will leave your customers with an unforgettable experience. 

Bringing joy to tables with sustainable fresh cut chips wholesale is something we pride ourselves in. Allowing your customers to enjoy chilled chips that have come from an ethical business will lead to customers coming back for more. 

Having shorter times from farm to factory drastically lowers our carbon emissions, leading to our chilled chips and fresh cut chips wholesale to be even more sustainable. More sustainable, better taste, Aviko’s fresh cut chips wholesale will not let you down. 

Our fresh cut chips wholesale can help your business take off

As fresh chips suppliers, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. We value the customer relationship and aim to give you the best service and products we can.