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Restaurant Talk Issue 6

Posted on 23/06/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 6 of Restaurant Talk. Well, we’re still not fully open, but there’s been a lot of great examples of our industry’s brilliance, here’s a few things that caught our eye this month.

Drive Thru (Through!) Chinese Restaurant

Waka Asian Fusion, in Belfast, opened its doors in May. It is a dine-in and drive thru restaurant offering Asian fusion food. It has been getting a lot of traction on TikTok, the example within the link above has been played 500,000 times, which is great to create a buzz around a twist on the drive thru concept.

Kids can order 'Whatever' & 'I don't care'

The Clachain Inn, near Mallaig in Scotland, became a viral sensation this month with their children's menu. Featuring dishes called, 'I don't want anything', 'I don't know', and 'I'm not hungry', the landlady (and parent) knows her audience as it struck a chord with patrons who posted it to social media for some fantastic awareness for The Clachain Inn.

Is TikTok the new TripAdvisor?

TikTok is rapidly growing in popularity and restaurants are taking advantage of social media avid customer's who are singing their praises and doing their marketing for them. What's more, there's loads of listicle style articles summarising the best restaurants on TikTok such as the example we've provided. Looking for quirky ideas to go viral? Checkout our crazy chip recipes.

A burger that gives you the munchies?

ICON Burgers in Manchester introduced the 420 Burger to their menu. It's special because it's infused with CBD which could make it the first of its kind in the UK. We predicted CBD to be an on-trend ingredient in our 2020 Food Trends Report, and this restaurant looks to be using it to raise awareness, create a buzz, and appeal to those who seek the health benefits of CBD.


We've seen talk of robots in the foodservice industry for a while now, and we recently stumbled across this article giving some real-life examples of the robots you can buy for your own restaurant. With a shortage of kitchen staff, and the likelihood that robotics pricing will decrease in the years to come, it looks like there could indeed by a robopocalypse.

Afghan BBQ pros Cue Point stay in the news

Describing themselves as a British Afghan smoked BBQ company, Cue Point, got great publicity by opening London's first drive thru BBQ, not content with that, they've set up a new social enterprise called Kitchen For Change. The aim is to help train and educate refugees and immigrates so they can forge careers in the hospitality sector. They are raising funds through crowdfunding to get the project started and it looks like a fantastic opportunity to train good staff and give back.

That's it until next time folks

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work. We hope business has been booming since the reopening. If you've got anything to shout about or see something that you think would help your peers, let us know and we'll add it to the next edition of Restaurant Talk.

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