Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries: A Brief History

Ever wondered where the revolutionary loaded fries originated from? This blog will guide you through the history and evolution of loaded fries and the current trending and most popular loaded fries’ dishes for your menu

Loaded Fries – Where Did They Come From? 

Everyone wants to take credit for creating this tasty dish so tracking down the actual origin is hard. There are a few different origin stories. 

Loaded Fries Missouri Flag

The Missouri Origin Story:

Austin Ruse’s name gets thrown around a lot as the first to ever serve chilli cheese fries out of a Dairy Queen in Missouri. They never became a part of the menu but could be specially ordered. Some experts believe that cheese fries became popular after that famous cheese in a can showed up on supermarket shelves in 1956. Cheez Whiz was being sprayed on French Fries at home according to some foodies and adding chili was just a natural progression.

When melted and poured over hot French fries per Philadelphia tradition, Cheez Whiz is a far more satisfying topping than melted mozzarella (and much easier to love than cheese curds and gravy). And as it cools, it forms a shellac-like coating that makes it much easier to grab a bunch of fries instead of just one. Yes. Cheez Whiz will help you consume more French fries.

Loaded Fries Texas Flag

The Texas Origin Story:

If you ask someone from Texas where chili cheese fries got their start, they will mention Don a Jenkins as the fellow that invented chili cheese fries. The legend is that the 16-year-old Mr. Jenkins was eating lunch at the local Dairy Queen in Tomball Texas, and he made the concoction to quickly get through his meal.

Loaded Fries: A Brief History of Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries: What do we know? 

Texas, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia all take the credit for creating chili cheese fries. They are served a bit differently in each state. Texas diners and restaurants throw some jalapenos in the mix. New York serves theirs with cheese (either cheddar or mozzarella) brown gravy and chili. Philadelphia serves their chili cheese fries with Monterey jack cheese and chili. Chicago uses chili con carne and cheddar cheese

Loaded Fries Pulled Pork

What are Loaded Fries? 

There are many different variations of loaded fries that your menu could wish to serve, here are the most popular examples and the history behind such loaded fries dishes.

Pizza Loaded Fries: 

For the past 40 years, Michael S, the owner of a pizzeria, has been looking for something innovative to add to his menu. He produced the idea of adding tomato sauce and a cheese mixture to the fries. Pizza Fries were combined in a delicious way to create a tasty combination of two comfort foods.

Bacon & Cheese Loaded Fries:

 In the United States, McDonald’s began offering bacon cheese fries in 2004. The side dish became popular in other countries, such as Canada and Australia, in the following years. McDonald’s Japan began offering the fries in 2007, and they have been available in most other countries since then. Surprisingly, not the United Kingdom. 

Canadian Poutine: 

The most widespread claim for inventing poutine comes from the small dairy-farming town of Warwick, Québec, where, in 1957, a customer asked restaurateur Fernand Lachance to throw cheese curds and French fries—items the owner sold separately at his restaurant L’Idéal (later renamed Le lutin qui rit, or “The Laughing Elf”)—together in one bag because the customer was in a rush. Legend has it when Lachance peered into the bag after the two ingredients were mixed, he remarked, “This is a ‘poutine,’” using the joual—or Québécois slang—for a “mess.”  Noticeably absent from Lachance’s cobbled-together recipe is the gravy ingredient, which was added to the mix in 1964 when a restaurant-owner in nearby Drummondville, Québec, named Jean-Paul Roy noticed a few of his diners ordering a side of cheese curds to add to the patented gravy sauce and fries' dish at his restaurant, Le Roy Jucep. Roy soon added the three-ingredient item on his menu and the rest is delicious, gravy-soaked history.

Loaded Fries: What's trending? 

Viral Tik Tok Trend UK – McDonalds Loaded Fries:

The latest viral sensation comes in the form of the McDonald's Loaded Fries - which has been taking the internet by storm as of late thanks to Essex TikToker Dorian Jessica, who recently shared the best way to scran a deconstructed Maccies with her thousands of online followers. In the video, Jessica uses just five ingredients from the fast-food retailer to create the dirty fries, dubbing the concoction 'absolutely delicious'. In the video, the social media star combines a large fries with the chicken, cheese, lettuce and pickles from the new and improved Chicken Big Mac. She then loads it up with one sour cream and chive pot and a smoky BBQ dip from the fast-food Goliath, mixes it all up, and it's good to go. The dish looks vulgar, but Jessica swears by it - commenting: "Mmm...that's mad."

Nando's Loaded Fries: 

It's the first time the iconic Nando's chicken and Peri Peri Chips have been combined in one epic dish. The new menu item was inspired by Nando's fans creating their own version of loaded chips on TikTok, taking different bits from the menu and making their own mix-and-match loaded chip meal. PERi-Salted Chips and pulled chicken in your chosen spice, topped with melted cheddar cheese, spring onions, smoky PERi-Tamer sauce and a creamy dressing. It sounds heavenly. The dish is made to share (although we're not judging...) and will cost £8. It's available in all Nando's in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Loaded Fries Katsu Fries

To Conclude….

In tracing the flavourful origins and diverse variations of loaded fries, it's evident that this beloved dish has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts worldwide. From the Dairy Queens of Missouri to the inventive minds in pizzerias and fast-food chains across the globe, loaded fries have evolved into a versatile canvas for culinary creativity. Whether you prefer classic bacon and cheese, indulgent pizza-inspired toppings, or the iconic Canadian poutine, there's a loaded fries recipe to satisfy every craving. As viral sensations like the McDonald's Loaded Fries take social media by storm, it's clear that this indulgent treat continues to inspire innovation and delight food lovers of all ages. So, whether you're enjoying them as a guilty pleasure snack or a hearty appetizer, let each bite of loaded fries remind you of the rich history and endless possibilities of this iconic comfort food.