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Wholesale Frozen Chips

Try out our wholesale frozen chips today. When you buy bulk frozen chips wholesale, you’ll experience a streamlined kitchen and quality food, texture and taste.

Our wholesale frozen chips are a great addition to your kitchen. Specifically, here at Aviko, our wholesale frozen chips help streamline your kitchen. In addition to this, they are also cost-efficient and taste great. Thanks to Aviko’s dedicated sourcing and processing (blanching, coating and part-frying) our frozen chips will help improve your customer satisfaction to whole new levels.

Our wholesale frozen chips are a great addition to your menus due to their versatility. For example, our SuperCrunch Thick Cut 15mm 9/16 wholesale frozen chips are coated chips with a satisfying crunch, able to hold their heat for up to 20 minutes. Specifically, our SuperCrunch Thick Cut wholesale frozen chips are a great addition to a hearty burger, to contrast the soft texture of the bun. 

Alternatively, our Premium Super Crunch Fries wholesale frozen chips are a great addition to your menu as their skin-on finish gives a rustic feel to the side. Serve these wholesale frozen chips either by themselves or as an accompaniment to a hearty dish like pork chops, seabass, or a vegetable wellington. The crunch will complement the meaty textures of the dishes, making every mouthful as refreshing as the last. 

We know the importance of potatoes, so we ensure you have the highest quality sides possible when you order Aviko wholesale frozen chips. 

The benefits of Aviko’s wholesale frozen chips 

There are a variety of benefits to Aviko’s wholesale frozen chips ukUK. Specifically, one of the biggest perks is that our wholesale frozen chips at Aviko are high quality and uniform. We manufacture our wholesale frozen chips consistently, ensuring that all of our products are equally as tasty. So This means that you don’t have to worry about substandard products like small, discoloured products.

Not only this but frozen chips also streamline your kitchen, offer versatility and help reduce labour costs. Be confident in your products, knowing you will be saving cost and time whilst boosting efficiency in your kitchen

Bulk frozen chips wholesale

When you bulk buy frozen chips wholesale with Aviko, you’re investing in both flavour and a bargain. Our wholesale frozen chips, when bulk-bought, can enable cost savings per unit. This will therefore reduce your food costs and improve your restaurant's profit margins per serving.

Why choose Aviko wholesale frozen chips?

Here at Aviko, our frozen chips will set you apart from your competitors. One great benefit of buying from Aviko is our dedication to sustainability. 

Here at Aviko, we pride ourselves on our low carbon footprint. We do this by ensuring that all our potatoes are grown in Europe with trusted Aviko Farmers. All of our potatoes are sourced from our Aviko cooperative of farmers, so this means the distance from the grower to the factory is as short as possible. 

Our climate pledge doesn’t end just there either. In addition to this Aviko is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, which we have highlighted within our 2025 vision sustainability report. By doing more for the environment, your kitchen will run smoother, and your customers will be consuming wholesale frozen chips which are both delicious and sustainable. 

Try out our wholesale frozen chips today.

Here at Aviko, we stock our products through various wholesalers online. Due to our large number of wholesalers, this means that our products are available through most UK and Ireland wholesalers. Try out Aviko today and experience all of our wholesale frozen chips with ease.

Here at Aviko, we know how important it is to get your menu right, and as soon as possible too. Therefore, so you can experience deliciousness with ease, you can request a lot of our wholesale frozen chips as a sample. Remove the need to commit to buying before trying, and experience your products first-hand, before they go on the menu. Try out our samples today.

Wholesale frozen chips are a great addition to any many due to their variety of perks. Specifically, one of the best benefits of frozen chips is their longevity. Being able to store food products longer means that you won’t have to worry about your wholesale frozen chips going off unexpectedly. In addition to this, wholesale frozen chips are also great for streamlining your kitchen and garnering bigger profit margins per serving! Try out our wholesale frozen chips today.

Typically, Aviko’s products generally are just made up of potatoes and oil, however, we know this is not enough to ensure the safety of your customers who put their faith in you when dining out. Therefore, you can find all of our allergy information under our ‘allergens’ sections online. Alternatively, when you purchase our products, the allergens advice will be on the packaging of the products.