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Chilled Fries

Aviko’s chilled fries will be a sensational addition to your menu. Our wholesale chilled fries will be sure to please all your customers and boost your business’ popularity and reputation! 

Aviko’s chilled fries bring tremendous benefits to your kitchen. Being able to cook in 3 minutes, staying hot and crunchy for longer and perfect for delivery make our wholesale chilled fries the best in the industry. SuperCrunch Fresh is perfect for fish & chip shops and other local fast-food restaurants looking for perfect delivery of chilled fries. 81% of customers would order more fries if they were delivered crunchy – Choose Aviko as your wholesale chilled fries supplier today! 

The benefits of Aviko’s wholesale jacket potatoes

Want to elevate your menu to the next level? Look no further than Aviko’s chilled fries. Aviko’s chilled fries are perfect for any establishment including fast food, hotels and pubs. Aviko’s chilled fries can stay crunchy for up to 60 minutes meaning customers will be happier with the quality of these products and you can streamline your kitchen to be the most efficient and productive it can be. 

Sick and tired of your wastage levels rising? Aviko’s chilled fries have an exceptional shelf life of up to 21 days meaning they have a good duration and your chilled fries will not spoil unexpectedly. Get the most out of your product and choose Aviko’s wholesale chilled fries and see an increase in consumer satisfaction, better reviews and a happier, more productive kitchen. 

Still unsure? Aviko’s chilled fries are perfect for delivery, cooked in 3 minutes and stay hot and crunchy for much longer meaning your customers can enjoy restaurant-quality hot and crunchy chilled fries from the comfort of their own homes. Don’t let the competition gain an advantage over you, make sure to choose Aviko’s chilled fries as your choice of fries in your business. 

Here at Aviko, we care for your business. That is why we offer free samples for your business to try before choosing Aviko as your wholesale chilled fries provider. Don’t miss out and request your sample today and see the benefits that Aviko’s chilled fries can bring to your business and your deserving customers. 

Environmentally friendly chilled fries

When choosing your chilled fries provider, it is important to choose a company that is sustainable and cares for the environment. That’s why here at Aviko, we have set out a sustainability plan that cares for its farmers and the world around us. Our chilled fries are not only unbelievably tasty but also eco-conscious too. Be sure to check out our sustainability pledge here. 

What makes our wholesale chilled fries so sustainable? The shorter distance from farm to factory allows Aviko to create eco-friendly products that please not only our customers, but the environment too. Our sustainability report 2025 outlines all of this, so if you are looking for tasty and sustainable chilled fries, choose Aviko. 

Taking care of the environment and global carbon emissions has never been as important. We understand that your business wants the best products to please your deserving customers, so why not choose both? Aviko’s chilled fries are the perfect combination of sustainable and delicious – The perfect combination!  Don’t miss out and choose Aviko as your wholesale chilled fries provider! 

How wholesale chilled fries can benefit you

Choosing Aviko as your wholesale chilled fries provider is a win-win for your business. Bulk buying will streamline your kitchen, ensuring you have a surplus of top-quality chilled fries at all times which allows your company to make a healthy profit on all your dishes that you serve to your deserving customers. 

Having a chilled fries provider you can trust will simplify and elevate your kitchen to the highest level. Choose Aviko and take the stress away from your kitchen and receive the highest quality chilled fries in the industry.  Request your free sample of chilled fries today! 

Here at Aviko, we offer a wide range of chilled fries all of which are a great addition to any of your service catering needs. Our chilled fries are wholesale bulk sold and offer a vast range to choose from. All Aviko chilled fries are bulk sold and offer ease in terms of their lack of preparation for your kitchen.

All our chilled fries are a great versatile option to your menu as they offer an authentic potato taste, with a fluffy texture ensuring that your customers are happy. Aviko chilled fries are great for restaurants, pubs, Casual dining, QSR, Fast food, and all areas of the culinary sector!

As all of our Aviko chilled fries for sale are sourced from our co-operative of farmers in Europe, this means that as a wholesale chilled fries supplier we pride ourselves on having a short transport distance from the grower to the factory and a close relationship with the growing process. This enables us to have the lowest carbon footprint within our raw material sourcing possible. Enable your customers to consume catering wholesale jacket potatoes that are delicious and sustainable! Don’t miss out and get your wholesale jacket potatoes today. 

Our wholesale chilled fries are a great addition to your menu, so it is understandable to wonder where can I buy Aviko’s wholesale chilled fries from. Our products are available through most UK and Ireland wholesalers. Wherever your business is based our wholesale chilled fries will be able to reach you! Check out some of our wholesalers.

Of course, request your sample today and try Aviko’s chilled fries before you buy!  What are you waiting for? From chilled fries to wholesale jacket potatoes, we’ve got you covered.