Deep Fryer Frying Fries

Preparing Fries & Snacks in the Deep Fryer

Choose the most practical method to prepare you fries and snacks which also produces the tastiest results.

Without doubt using a fryer will give your chips and potato products the best taste but as well as this, it’s probably the most convenient method for your kitchen. That’s why at Aviko we ensure that the majority of our products can be used in a deep fryer. With over 50 years’ experience in the development and production of French fries, we are experts when it comes to preparing potato products in the fryer. This has led us to develop our SuperCrunch range so that they cook in a deep fryer in around three minutes, as well as our appetisers, such as Mac n Cheese Triangles, which are prepared in roughly the same time at just over three minutes. 

Tips for deep frying fries and sides

There are a number of things that can affect the quality of preparing fries and sides in a deep fryer, mainly oil type and type of fryer. However, there are also methods to use which can improve the effectiveness of your fryers, such as products that increase the lifespan of your oil in a fryer. If you’re interested in discovering tips for deep frying and much more besides, subscribe to our Newsletter.