Which potato products are suitable for home delivery?

Customers love crispy food – even with meal delivery. Choose the right products to keep satisfied customers.

It is crucial for home delivery that you choose the right potato products. After all, you want to offer high-quality dishes, variety, and healthy options. We have already selected the potato products from our range that are suitable for home delivery. 

Prepared with a gluten-free coating to ensure extra crispiness and a long holding time, makes SuperCrunch fries perfect for delivery

Only using the highest quality potato varieties, which have a higher dry matter. Paired with the thicker SuperCrunch coating ensures that our fries remain crunchy and hotter for longer.

Delivered chilled, these fries have a shorter cooking time, making them perfect for home delivery. Pure & Rustic chips have skin-on giving your menu a great home-made appeal.

Our appetizers are simple to prepare and easy to portion, meaning there is no or minimal waste in the kitchen. The heat remains trapped inside ensuring your customers are satisfied on delivery. 

The coating for these items remain crispy and ensures that the heat remains inside, guaranteeing great customer satisfaction for home delivery.

Skin-on wedges gives your restaurant a home-made appeal as well as a distinctive great tasting item for your menu.

Our gratins use high quality ingredients and an effective production process to ensure they keep their shape. With a holding time of over an hour, they are a great addition to a home delivery menu. 

Aviko home delivery for restaurants

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