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Insights for Home Delivery

Staying ahead of the competition is easier when you're aware of the latest food trends, Aviko have access to consumer research, and are provided with the best products. As part of Aviko's full service approach to home delivery, we aim to be your research arm to help you develop your menu with foodservice insights to help your decision making.

We have access to the latest product testing technology within our Science & Research Centre, such as the thermal-imaging graphic below illustrating the heat map of uncoated and coated fries. You can rest assured that when we inform you of a product benefit, we'll have tested it to the hilt.


Restaurant Talk Newsletter

The videos above provide you with some examples of how and why Aviko's products have been used within restaurants, we'll use this page to keep you updated about the latest insights and experiences of our customers, so you can keep informed about everything foodservice.

Latest Foodservice Insights

Why Coated Fries Are So Important

With delivery playing such an important role in foodservice at the moment it is important to not let quality standards slip. There is no need for a disclaimer with coated chips, they are made for delivery and can help your business prosper for all those takeaway orders. With coated chips, there really is more than meets the fry.

Takeaway Demand Soars

Just Eat announced figures showing increased demand for takeaways during the lockdown. Orders grew 33% year on year (YOY) in April and May, but what do these figures really mean for the wider industry? We look at some of the possible trends forming based on Just Eat's figures.

Cater for Healthy Eaters

Research states that 41% of Gen Z and 32% of Millennials would pay a premium for products that reinforced health benefits. This represents a good opportunity for you to offer healthier delivery meals, in this article we look the stats and some ideas to get you thinking.

Master Google to Save Your Profits

We'll whisper it quietly, but we're sure that you'd prefer your profits to go to you rather than delivery aggregators. This article, is article 1 of 2, providing advice to help your restaurant appear on the first page of Google and encourage customers to order with you rather than a delivery aggregator.

Free Online Shop Enabled Website with our Exclusive Flipdish Special Offer

In order to try and provide some assistance to an industry that is showing a great deal of resolve, entrepreneurship, agility and honour, Aviko and Flipdish have joined forces with an exclusive offer to help get fast food & takeaway outlets, restaurants, pubs and cafes online with their ordering systems.

Find out more about Aviko's full service delivery support


Food Home Delivery Solutions

From the crunchiest delivery fries, to our appetiser range all with fantastic hold times, Aviko has the perfect solution for your delivery menu. 



Restaurant Research & Data

We'll keep our eyes and ears open around the globe, and use our vast global research reach to keep you on top of trends so you're first on the wave.



Home delivery recipes

As well as trends, we're working with top chefs and our own Global Chef, Dider Verschueren, to create delicious and profitable delivery ready meals.



Foodservice Innovation

Using our science centre, research, and experience, we'll continue to innovate and ensure you have the best products, packaging & advice to help grow your delivery business.



Chef Tips and Training

From advice on how to package your food for delivery to helping you master the digital marketplace, to help you set up, drive and convert customers via your own delivery channels.



Co-creation product development

With chef creation sessions and new product introductions, and our eagerness to work with other innovators, we can work with you to find your perfect product.


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    SuperCrunch Fries
    Consumers would order fries more often if they knew they were warm and crunchy.

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    Traditional eating moments are losing ground. Sharing platters are the trend of the moment.

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    Mashed Potatoes
    The more often people order food, the more often they want to have healthy and more homemade types of meals.

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    The more often people order food, the more they will look for variety. Wedges are the perfect answer.