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Inspiration for Delivery

Running your own business and kitchen is a time-consuming business, so finding the time for menu planning to wow customers can be a challenge. This section of our website is designed to provide you with inspiration that you can adapt for your own restaurant, from recipe and serving suggestions, examples of other's restaurants services, through to ways to increase customer loyalty.

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Mash Bowls

Grasp the Burgeoning Lunch Market

Introducing Mash Bowls

Just Eat released stats recently showing that lunch delivery orders grew 80% year on year. We've come up with a perfect solution to meet this growing trend and provide your customers with a delicious and distinctive meal. Mash Bowls, they tick so many boxes: healthy, quick and convenient to make, versatile, and profitable.

Simply mix ingredients to with your mash and serve in a bowl, you can produce endless variations, veggie, meat, fish, world flavours, and you can even let customers build their own.

Read more about Mash Bowls

Get remembered and increase customer loyalty

Make Customers Feel Good!

Boost Loyalty & Profit

Sometimes it's the little things. Add tags or stickers with personalised messages to show that you care. Tell them you made it with love and hope they enjoy! Make your customers remember you, think fondly of you, and you're likely to be welcoming them back soon.

It's also a great way to get customers to order via your own website to save on delivery aggregator fees.

Homemade Dip Recipes

Signature Dips & Sauces

Create a draw for customers

McDonalds are a good example of causing a buzz with their condiments, why not do the same for your restaurant. Create something that hits home with customers to create that, "They do that sauce you like." effect to help word of mouth, customer loyalty and retention.

We've put together 6 different mayonnaise recipes for you that are quick and easy to make. Use, adapt or create your own dips and sauces to wow customers and get them choosing your restaurant for every home delivery.

Dips & sauces recipes

How Other Chefs are using Aviko Products

Max Massink

SuperCrunch Chips

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Ivo Schellen

Appetisers sharing board

Chef Ivo Schellen talks Bubbles & Bites.

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David Girault

Versatile mashed potato

David Girault talks Mash Bowls

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Food Home Delivery Solutions

From the crunchiest delivery fries, to our appetiser range all with fantastic hold times, Aviko has the perfect solution for your delivery menu. 



Restaurant Research & Data

We'll keep our eyes and ears open around the globe, and use our vast global research reach to keep you on top of trends so you're first on the wave.



Home delivery recipes

As well as trends, we're working with top chefs and our own Global Chef, Dider Verschueren, to create delicious and profitable delivery ready meals.



Foodservice Innovation

Using our science centre, research, and experience, we'll continue to innovate and ensure you have the best products, packaging & advice to help grow your delivery business.



Chef Tips and Training

From advice on how to package your food for delivery to helping you master the digital marketplace, to help you set up, drive and convert customers via your own delivery channels.



Co-creation product development

With chef creation sessions and new product introductions, and our eagerness to work with other innovators, we can work with you to find your perfect product.

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    SuperCrunch Fries
    Consumers would order fries more often if they knew they were warm and crunchy.

  • Delivery products


    Traditional eating moments are losing ground. Sharing platters are the trend of the moment.

  • Delivery products


    Mashed Potatoes
    The more often people order food, the more often they want to have healthy and more homemade types of meals.

  • Delivery products


    The more often people order food, the more they will look for variety. Wedges are the perfect answer.

  • Get inspired

    Sometimes it is the way you combine and pack things that makes the difference. Get inspired by Ivo Schellen.

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