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Solutions for Home Delivery

With booming popularity in food delivery, your restaurant has a great opportunity to take advantage to grow your business. We're here to help you achieve this by providing specialist products specifically designed to meet the demands of delivery, namely, a longer hold time to ensure quality and consistency as food moves from kitchen, to transit, to home.

We've listed the Aviko products below best suited to help you sparkle in delivery:

Perfect Delivery Fries and Chips

Delivery Fries

If you want to ensure your customers receive the best tasting fries at home, then SuperCrunch are perfect for you. Available in a range of cut sizes, they stay hotter and crunchier for longer thanks to their patented gluten-free coating. You also benefit from Aviko's renowned quality and consistency.

Delivery Fries

Sides, Starters and Sharing Boards for Delivery


To make every home delivery order extra special for couples, families and friends, Aviko appetisers are the perfect sharing solution. Not only are they profitable for you, they can help your menu stand out from the competition and get your customers coming back for more. Flavoursome and quick to cook, Aviko have a large range of appetisers, from on-trend Mac N' Cheese Bites, to Habanero Snacks, all perfectly suited for home delivery thanks to their long hold time.

Appetisers for Delivery

Wholesale Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato

With healthy eating a trend that has gathered pace over the past decade, it's important to look for other options to accommodate all customers, and Mashed Potato fits perfectly for delivery. Whether as a side, topping for pies, or used as a meal (check out our Mash Bowl concept), it can give your menu real appeal. Our mash is frozen and quick to cook and is in pellet format so there's no waste, combine this with the time saving element and you're onto a winner!

Mashed Potato Range

Foodservice Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

The more people order food for delivery, the more they want variety, and Aviko's wedges let you offer this. With a homemade look and plenty of flavours, from Spicy to Piri Piri, Aviko's wedges have a long hold time, work perfectly with sharing platters, and are the perfect accompaniment to pizza.

Wedges Range

Packaging Solutions

Our solutions support doesn't just stop with products, we're using our Science & Research Centre to test the best packaging solutions for you to ensure your food reaches customers in perfect condition. The right packaging will ensure that chips and fries don't get soggy and remain hot and crunchy for your customers to enjoy at home.
The following packaging are best suited for the delivery of potato products:

  • Compact cardboard box, uncoated, with ventilation holes
  • Paper bag with ventilation holes
  • Cardboard box with ventilation holes

Global Aviko Chef, Didier Verschueren talks about how to package fries, watch the video:

Foodservice Potato Wedges

Find out more about Aviko's full service delivery support


Food Home Delivery Solutions

From the crunchiest delivery fries, to our appetiser range all with fantastic hold times, Aviko has the perfect solution for your delivery menu. 



Restaurant Research & Data

We'll keep our eyes and ears open around the globe, and use our vast global research reach to keep you on top of trends so you're first on the wave.



Home delivery recipes

As well as trends, we're working with top chefs and our own Global Chef, Dider Verschueren, to create delicious and profitable delivery ready meals.



Foodservice Innovation

Using our science centre, research, and experience, we'll continue to innovate and ensure you have the best products, packaging & advice to help grow your delivery business.



Chef Tips and Training

From advice on how to package your food for delivery to helping you master the digital marketplace, to help you set up, drive and convert customers via your own delivery channels.



Co-creation product development

With chef creation sessions and new product introductions, and our eagerness to work with other innovators, we can work with you to find your perfect product.

  • Max Mossink

    Home Delivery Max

    "My customers like to order fries and of course they want them crunchy"

  • Ivo Schellen

    Home Delivery Ivo

    "For my bubbles & bites I always like to create a small party on the plate"

  • David Girault

    Home Delivery David

    "I choose Aviko frozen mash potatoes for quality, definitely"

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