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Boost Your Burgers

Posted on 04/10/2016

Recent research from Mintel reveals that the UK burger bar market is estimated to be worth £3.28bn – up 22% from 2011 – and with 60% of people claiming they have visited a burger outlet in the last three months*, there’s a big opportunity for operators that make the most of this demand.

When it comes to burger menus, operators tend to focus their attention on how they can differentiate the meat or toppings, but what they often don't consider is the huge opportunity there is to generate extra sales by offering alternative sides too. Chips are the traditional accompaniment to burgers but operators can maximise profits by offering a more premium side.

Our range of Premium Fries has been developed to support operators and offer their customers something different.

The Supercrunch range features an innovative coating that means consumers will enjoy a crispier, crunchy texture, while offering practical benefits to caterers. It holds heat for up to 15 minutes, making it suitable for those who are under pressure to prepare food in a limited time, as well as those that offer a takeaway or delivery service.

When it comes to our Sweet Potato Fries, we use a holistic 'steam blanching' production method to give tastier, better quality end-result for the diner. Consumer research** has revealed that 74% of respondents would order sweet potato fries if they were on the menu, demonstrating that there is a demand for a more premium side. 

Our Superlongs also offers customers a more premium feel - along with the choice of Original or rustic Skin-On variants - while operators benefit from their longer than average size which provides a greater plate fill, and, therefore, more portions per kilogram.

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